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Saving Money In The Home Infographic

Recently I have been on the lookaout for great house money saving tips, below is a nice infographic educating you on some of the easy changes you can implement when changing your habits when using utilities. Enjoy!

Saving Money In The Home

Created by Best Deal Homes
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10 Great Money Saving Tips – Summer 2014

Recently spotted money saving tips from Money Saving Girl:

1. Get your coffee for around a £1 from EAT. How? Just buy a regular coffee and keep the recite with you, go online on the site printed on it and tell EAT about your experience with them to get your next drink for free.

2. Save on your shopping when securing hot deals on sites such as MightyDeals. I recently managed to save £5 on my TESCO gift card :-) so check regularly for some cool deals, they seem to have plenty of them.

3. When shopping online check if the retailer of your choice offers a cashback. I am a big fan of Quidco, it saved me so far around £80 :-)
To get additional 3% pauout bonus link your PayPal account with Quicdo to get your funds via PayPal.

4. If you want to secure cheap holidays visit IceLolly

Money Saving Tips | Summer 2014


5. If you are planning to sell your property anytime soon turn to Keatons – they offer 0% commission on the properties sold in Wansted / South Woodford area.

6. Havent seen ‘The Book of Mormon’ yet but are keen to? Buy your tickets in advance – currently the best deals to be found on – yes they do sell entertainment tickets as well, it is not all about travel for them.

7. If you need some homeware visit TESCO Direct – for £10 off when you spend £50 (code: TDX-WPHT) and £5 off when you spend £25 (code: TDX-YTRW) but hurry up because these codes will work only until 24/08/14

8.After 24/08/14 visit Willco for some on-going homeware deals, for pans and kitchen decorations TK Maxx could also prove helpful :-)

9. For booking you holiday flights go to and once you booked them save on accommodation when renting a house from HouseTrip. They now offer 15% off all bookings with the code: RB52X4ON58FC. The site has more than 320,000 properties to choose from in 20,000 destinations around the world, and the code is valid for all the bookings made between 05-11.08

10. If reading the above made you tired and you need some glucose swap your Facebook credibility for a free doughnut: Krispy Kremeis giving out a free glazed original doughnut to anyone who clicks ‘like’ on its Facebook page.


Get your free Family IKEA care which allows you to get 100 free candles of IKEA once you print off this voucher before you set off there :-)

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School Uniforms for Less: How to do Back to School on a Budget

“Back to School” is a phrase which strikes fear in the heart of parents everywhere, summoning up memories of shoe shop tantrums and trying to wrangle the kids into changing rooms. Aside from the ordeal of dragging bored kids around busy shops, the financial implications of getting the kids kitted out for school can be a real stress.

However, a study conducted by John Lewis in 2013 showed that the average price of the school uniform has actually DECREASED over the past 50 years (prices adjusted for inflation):

1960s £116.50
1980s £135.50
2010s £100.80

Source: BBC News

This is undoubtedly good news for consumers, however it is the case for many parents that to spend over £100 on a school uniform for one child is completely unrealistic. But fear not, bargain hunters: money saving school is now in session.

Let’s look at the average cost of a basic school uniform (the cheapest possible price for a shirt, jumper, trousers/skirt, shoes) from the four most searched for stores of the back to school period: Tesco, Asda, BHS and Next.

Tesco £13.75
Asda £17.00
BHS £17.50
Next £38.00

The combined average cost of a basic uniform from these stores is £23.56, which means that savvy shoppers could dress four children for the price of the average spend detailed in the John Lewis study.

Even bigger savings can be made by buying individual items from the store where they are cheapest. Taking the cheapest items from all stores shows that you could dress one child for only £11.25. It’s then up to you whether you want to contain your shopping to one store or take the plunge and go hunting for the best bargains. Browsing online catalogues and offers on sites like is a great way to plan out your shopping route at home and take away some of the stress. Either way, following these money saving tips is sure to get you sent straight to the top of the class.

Sources:, BBC News, Google Trends

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Is Summer and Autumn the Best Time to Buy Alcohol?

Save on Alcohol Online with Money Saving GirlWines, Beers and Spirits comparison website shows that drinks can vary by over 50% in price over the year. The website also reveals the best time to take advantage of low prices.

Consumers stocking up for big parties and annual events can save thousands of pounds a year, as Wines, Beers and Spirits price comparison website reveals the cheapest time of the year to buy.

Over the past two years, 7 million prices were collected from all of the major supermarkets and online retailers in the UK. The resulting statistics have revealed the best time to buy the Top 25 selling alcoholic drinks and bestselling Champagne brands.

For example, purchasing some brands of Champagne in December takes advantage of the oversupply to the market, and the deep discounts offered by retailers. A customer purchasing a bottle of Lanson Black Label Champagne at this time of year would make a saving of £17.51. Buying in December the price is £16.49 a bottle, which is a huge saving compared the highest price of the year £34.

Savings can be made all year round as the best time to buy varies dramatically depending on the brand and product type.

Consumers using the website can take advantage of free alerts, notifying them when their favourite drinks are at their lowest ever price. For example a user setting up an alert for quintessential British summertime favourite Pimm’s No. 1 would have been notified by email in the 3 rd week of June that it had reached its lowest price of the year thereby saving 43%.

Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle said “There is a huge incentive to buy early for consumers who would save a large amount of money. Spirits, Beers and even non-vintage wines and Champagnes can happily be stored for over a year. If consumers have a big event on the cards such as a wedding or birthday, it makes sense to buy well in advance and take advantage of low prices getting more for their money“.

When to buy the bestselling drinks in the UK

When to buy the bestselling Champagnes in the UK

About Bring a Bottle:

  • Bring a Bottle compares prices on over 2,000 Wines, Beers and Sprits from all of the major supermarkets and online retailers aiming to save consumers an average of 25% on their purchases between retailers with some savings of up to 55%. Prices on the website are updated daily.
  • is impartial and launched in late 2013. Price savings are the core criteria of the website and the website is free to use whether buying online or in store with no registration required. Please see full press release & other media downloads at
  • For comment please contact Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle at
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