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Is Summer and Autumn the Best Time to Buy Alcohol?

Save on Alcohol Online with Money Saving GirlWines, Beers and Spirits comparison website shows that drinks can vary by over 50% in price over the year. The website also reveals the best time to take advantage of low prices.

Consumers stocking up for big parties and annual events can save thousands of pounds a year, as Wines, Beers and Spirits price comparison website reveals the cheapest time of the year to buy.

Over the past two years, 7 million prices were collected from all of the major supermarkets and online retailers in the UK. The resulting statistics have revealed the best time to buy the Top 25 selling alcoholic drinks and bestselling Champagne brands.

For example, purchasing some brands of Champagne in December takes advantage of the oversupply to the market, and the deep discounts offered by retailers. A customer purchasing a bottle of Lanson Black Label Champagne at this time of year would make a saving of £17.51. Buying in December the price is £16.49 a bottle, which is a huge saving compared the highest price of the year £34.

Savings can be made all year round as the best time to buy varies dramatically depending on the brand and product type.

Consumers using the website can take advantage of free alerts, notifying them when their favourite drinks are at their lowest ever price. For example a user setting up an alert for quintessential British summertime favourite Pimm’s No. 1 would have been notified by email in the 3 rd week of June that it had reached its lowest price of the year thereby saving 43%.

Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle said “There is a huge incentive to buy early for consumers who would save a large amount of money. Spirits, Beers and even non-vintage wines and Champagnes can happily be stored for over a year. If consumers have a big event on the cards such as a wedding or birthday, it makes sense to buy well in advance and take advantage of low prices getting more for their money“.

When to buy the bestselling drinks in the UK

When to buy the bestselling Champagnes in the UK

About Bring a Bottle:

  • Bring a Bottle compares prices on over 2,000 Wines, Beers and Sprits from all of the major supermarkets and online retailers aiming to save consumers an average of 25% on their purchases between retailers with some savings of up to 55%. Prices on the website are updated daily.
  • is impartial and launched in late 2013. Price savings are the core criteria of the website and the website is free to use whether buying online or in store with no registration required. Please see full press release & other media downloads at
  • For comment please contact Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle at
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Schabby Chic New Kitchen Furniture for £35 ?

Once you buy a house you may be left with little or literally no money to (re)decorate it the way you wish. In situations like this where you cant afford buying new furniture there is a good solution which will allow you to give your furniture new look without need to spend an arm and a leg..

Chalk painting is is a perfect way to refresh any piece of dull furniture.

Extremely popular in USA chalk painting has not picked up so crazily in the UK, but so called shabby – chick furniture are to be seen here and there more often. Restoring your furniture is rather simple task, especially if you use the right type of pain. Here I would like to recommend ‘Chalk Paint’ from Annie Sloan. You can use a nirmal paint brush for applying it on your furniture – what is important here the paint is so good that it does not require any sanding prior to application :-) . Use generously unless you dont mind painting the furniture twice. Once applied leave for about 24 hours to let it dry. Watch my chalk painting tutorial to see how to do it.

Schabby Chic Furniture

Image Credit :

If you are satisfied with the result wax the furniture, if you want to add your furniture somehow ‘old look’ apply dark wax and spread it with a brush or a steel wool.

If however you are happy with the way your furniture look now wax it with a clear was on the next day. Again re-apply the wax one more time once the first layer has dried.

Chalk Paint 1 L – £18.95

Clear Wax – 300ml – £ 8.45

Paint Brush £3.98

Steel Wool Fine (B&Q) – £2.98

TOTAL: £34.36

New kitchen furniture – a few hundreds pounds at least..

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Win 2 flights and £2,440 with Wallapop

Are you wondering how you’re going to save up for this Summer?

You don’t need to keep on helping your dad doing annoying and muddy garden chores for a couple of miserable pounds. You don’t even have to think about doing extra hours in the office or working on weekends. Here’s the deal: you can take out your mobile phone and join the #Wallasummer competition.

Easy, right? This Summer holidays are on Wallapop.The competition is really simple; encourage one friend to join the app and, if you’re lucky, you can win two flights to your chosen destination. However, if you feel like you can do better (and we believe in you), bring ten friends to Wallapop and you will enter the competition to win two flights plus £2,440 … WOW!!!!!”

Wallapop is a fleamarket community on your mobile phone. Everything for sale on Wallapop is placed in order of how fast you can get to it. You are able to get in touch directly with the sellers and even meet them to see the item before you buy it. As we said, everything for sale on Wallapop is sorted by how close it is to your location. If you’ve been wondering what kind of vintage treasures you could discover in your local area, here’s your chance to find out.

But, in the end, do you know what’s the best bit? That you have already won. Even if the prize is yours or not, you can always start making some extra money on Wallapop selling whatever you don’t use anymore and get some nice holidays!

Go for it, you’ve earned it.

WallaSummer Competition

iOS ►

Wallapop is free to use for both sellers and buyers and available worldwide through
the App Store and Google Play in the Lifestyle category. Currently Wallapop is
available in four countries – United Kingdom, Spain, France and Portugal with hope
to add more countries in future, based on user demands.Wallapop was launched
five months ago and already has more than one million users.

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Travel North to save money when buying a used car

June 18th, Shropshire – JT Hughes, a chain of car dealerships in Shropshire and Powys, has recently conducted a study which looked at the price difference between used cars on sale in the north of the UK compared to used cars on sale in the South.

Here is a brief overview of their findings:

Used cars are, on average, £443 (8.49%) cheaper in Sheffield than they are in London and its surrounding areas.

  •           Moving further north, used cars in Newcastle are, on average, £239 (4.62%) cheaper than in London.
  •          The “sweet spot” for used car buying in the North is the Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield area (the North’s most populated region).
  •          Car prices begin to rise again north of this “sweet spot” due to scarcity, as seen in the price differences between Sheffield and Newcastle. A smaller population means less cars on sale and higher prices.

JT Hughes also looked and the North-South price divide from a practical point of view. Is it worthwhile for those from the South East to travel north to purchase a used car?

The best price found online for a train ticket from London Paddington to Sheffield, brought one week in advance, was £74.50.

  •          Driving the newly purchased car back to North London will cost around £35, assuming a 35-MPG fuel efficiency.
  •          Combined, these two costs equate to a total spend of just under £110.
  •          This means that traveling to the “sweet spot” to buy a car can result in worthwhile savings, even after factoring in travel costs.

The average price of used cars in each region was calculated by examining six popular hatchback models on used car portal Auto-Trader. These models were the Ford Fiesta Zetec, the Citroen C1, the VW Golf, the Peugeot 207, the Renault Clio and the Vauxhall Astra.

save money on used cars

Image Credit :

To ensure that the averages cited above were accurate, JT Hughes found 15 identical examples of each of the six models, 5 in each region. To make sure that these cars were of comparable value, all cars had to fit within a certain criteria:

  •          Same colour
  •          Same engine size
  •          Between 30,000 and 50,000 miles on the clock
  •          Either an ‘08 or ’09 registration
  •          Same number of doors
  •          Similar overall condition
  •          Between 9 and 12 months MOT
  •          Same “extras.” E.g. Air Conditioning, sound system, central locking etc.

Paul Tench, Group Sales Director at JT Hughes, gives a bit of insight into what the research means to consumers:

“All of the models we have evaluated have one thing in common, they are perfectly suited to younger drivers. Although saving a few hundred pounds might not be worth a day of traveling for someone with a career behind them, for many young drivers and people from low income families this small saving could make the difference between getting a car which is simply ‘ok’ and getting a dependable car that’s in good condition.

 “Not only is this good for the driver’s self-esteem, but could also lead to more people on our roads driving cars that are safer and more robust than the ones they might have brought without the saving.”

 - About JT Hughes –

 JT Hughes is one of the longest established motoring businesses in the Shropshire region, with nearly 40 years of retail experience under their belt. They pride themselves on understanding the needs of the modern motorist – that’s why they focus on delivering choice, quality, reliability, performance, style, value for money and above all, service. Their four dealerships offer more than just new and used car sales. Motability, parts, accessories, accident repair, MOT and servicing – they’re all available under one roof. JT Hughes also runs a successful commercial vehicle, fleet and contract hire operation.

For more information about the study, or to take a look at the raw Auto Trader data, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at the address below.

If you would like to feature this research but don’t feel like you have the time to write it up, please let us know. We have a team of writers who would be more than happy to write an original article for your publication.

 - Contact Information :

Direct any enquires to JT Hughes’ digital PR agency, AccuraCast, at: or +44 800 019 6813

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