Monday , 24 April 2017

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Spend Well For Less – 6 Money Tips from Money Saving Girl

Save Money on Cosmetics

Building on the success of ‘Eat Well for Less’? BBC aired tonight ‘Shop Well For Less?’ fronted by The One Show presenter Alex Jones and BBC Breakfast’s Business correspondent Steph McGovern. Today’s episode presented a rather unimaginative (in the way they spend)family of three. Kudos to them for willing to …

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How to Spend £5 on your Phone Data

As you know in many instances it is best to go for SIM only plan and buying a phone separately since despite of the ‘huge’ initial payment for phone it will eventually be paid back through the money saved on the calls/text and data usage. I wrote already about it a …

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Latest Money Saving Tips – Checked by MSG

get paid to

1.Save on hotel bookings with Expedia if or are not the option. I saved £20 on a booking to Hanza Palac in Poland using Expedia as opposed to the hotel page 🙂 2. Get cashback on almost any activity done online – my Expedia cashback should equal £6 once …

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Buy & Create!

Valentine’s day is just days away, so the pressure on the gift-giving front is building up. A recent research from reveals that men, in particular, feel a huge amount of pressure picking the ‘right’ gift with 59% saying Valentine’s Day put more pressure on getting the ‘right’ gift than for Christmas and …

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Exercise Spending Restraint and Stay Financially Fit in 2016

Are you relieved that January has finally turned to February? We all know that even the best of intentions to eat less, exercise more and cut down on our expenditure can fall by the wayside half way through January, but listen up! That first difficult month may be over and hopefully you’ve tackled …

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How to Save About £2000 in a year ?

Do you wonder how to earn/save money while doing absolutely NOTHING? Well almost nothing..? Use my plan to get an extra cash (you have to have a regular income & money to save to generate some extra cash) No time to read the whole post ? Jump to a summary table 🙂 If you …

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Save yourself Blue Monday pain with these Mood Saving Tips

What is Blue Monday? Blue Monday falls on the third Monday of January every year and in 2016 it falls on Monday, January 18. It is called so due to a mix of weather, debt problem and the after Xmas back to work reality. How to avoid it? If you …

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10 Easy Money Saving Ideas for New Year

New year, many of us are setting up new years resolutions. Amongst the most popular are usually things like getting fit, quitting smoking, learning a new language or planning to travel more. Whatever we decide to take up it usually does require some money to spent on it.. Below are …

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