Wednesday , 26 July 2017

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What Big Mac Price Index is telling us about UK economy?

The Cinema Tickets cost rise

The world’s economy around us is changing. One no longer can expect to survive a week for £1… One of my favourite money saving app –  vouchercloud conducted a research to see just how much has changed since 2000, comparing prices of some of the popular treats today with what they should be, according to …

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7th Heaven House Party – Beautiful Day in London

30th bday party 7th heaven

The first Saturday of the month was a really interesting day for me as I had a chance to visit a bit unusual house party.  It was 30th birthday of a brand called 7th Heaven, a company producing amazing facial masks. During the event I was able to play some ‘old …

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July’s Money Saving Tips & Ideas worth exploring

July's 2016 Money Saving Tips & Ideas

Get a student card from NUS and save money on shopping or when going out. Simply find an online course (there are plenty of cheap ones on Groupon) and use the course provider email address to register for NUS card. They offer 25% discount at ODEON, 10% at ASOS & …

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10 Money Saving Apps

10 Best Money Saving App

I love when I can save money when walking, eating out or simply working out 🙂 The recently discovered android apps which save me money or sometimes earn me money are: 1.  Bounts (free&paid)- the app which allows you to earn for walking 🙂 yes you read it right for walking …

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7th Heaven Party – Get your FREE ticket!

7th Heaven Birthday Party

Global beauty brand 7th Heaven is throwing open the Pearly Gates to its three-day, Heavenly House Party from 30 June until 2 July, for lucky guests to celebrate their 30th birthday in seven immersive heavens, brimming with FREE food, drink, pampering, entertainment, unique experiences and surprises. To mark the milestone anniversary, four …

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Brits Most Fear Payment Cards Decline on Dates & at Supermarkets

Card Payments

Less than a third of British residents will use cash if there is an alternative payment method, with only 60% carrying cash on them unless they specifically need it despite the fact that the majority feel spending by cash is easier to keep track of.  The survey of 2000 people, …

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How to Save Money on Water Bills ?

Save Money on Water Bills

Water and sewage bills rose from April 2016 by an average of 0.5% in England and Wales and 1.6% in Scotland. Households in Northern Ireland are unaffected since the government covers the cost of water charges. As already written in my previous article on this subject you can’t switch water …

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40 Simple Money Saving Tips

40 Simple Money Saving Tips

Subscribe to latest free stuff for free samples – it works – I tested it 🙂 Become a member of insiders – a network of influential consumers, where you will be able to receive the latest products to test and share your opinion with your friends and online. Use youview (a smart …

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