Monday , 24 April 2017

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Is bitcoin the currency of the future?

Is Bitcoin the currency of the future

​Ahhh! Bitcoins! Scary Internet jargon that only geeks are interested in… right? Not exactly. Bitcoins are actually really, really cool – and once you understand what they are, it’ll all fall into place. So, buckle up! It’s time to find out how this currency can affect your life.   First …

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6 Amazing things I did when on my last trip to Poland!

Things to do when in Poland

As I am Polish I travel to Poland quite often. There are many reasons for that. The most important one is to spend some time with my parents. Apart from that I usually do some health checks as not only I believe their quality is outstanding but they are also …

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Could social media affect your home insurance?

Could your social media affect your home insurance?

No, you’re not reading that wrong! How you behave online can have a considerable impact on your insurance. Our private lives are now lived out in public, more than ever before, which can have a negative affect on our lives overall. For example, professionally, what we post online can be …

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Lunch ‘sponsored’ by HSBC – How I got £250 in an hour

How to get £250 in 60 mins - HSBC account switch

As you already know I am a master of juggling a few bank accounts at the same time quite seamlessly, as switching bank accounts helps me getting ‘free money’ quickly, therefore there is no surprise to anyone when they learn where I spend some of my lunch breaks…Yes you have …

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6 Easy Ways To Cut Down On Your Spending

6 Easy Ways To Cut Down On Your Spending

It’s so easy to overspend. Just a couple of pounds here on your morning coffee and a couple pounds there on lunch or snacks will quickly add up. I am sometimes doing that too… It may not seem like much at the time, but when you work out how much …

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Thrifty Valentines Day Ideas – February 2017

Valentines Days Gifts from £20

This post may contain affiliate links. The most romantic night in a year is coming soon. I am not a big fan of Valentine’s day and only celebrated it a few times so far. Thankfully my husband is the same. So yes we are NOT preparing ourselves for 14/02 as we …

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5 Fabulous self-care things I have done recently

5 fabulous self-care ideas

As I had a bit of bad time lately I decided to  look after myself a bit better and exercise and relax more – last weekend I visited Virgin gym in Bromley  as I needed to relax my muscles…Later I found a great Groupon deal for SPA  as I believe deep …

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Mobile Payments App Review – Social Payment with Circle

social payments app Circle

Social payments are very much an emerging trend in the UK; paying friends and family via a text with no need to exchange a long list of bank details makes life just that little bit easier. Like a lot of tech trends, China is already a huge user of social …

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