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5 Fabulous self-care things I have done recently

As I had a bit of bad time lately I decided to  look after myself a bit better and exercise and relax more – last weekend I visited Virgin gym in Bromley  as I needed to relax my muscles…Later I found a great Groupon deal for SPA  as I believe deep tissue massage will help my pulled neck muscle even more , do not ask how I managed to do that, I just did and it did hurt me like crazy hence I decided to declare 2017 year of looking after my health better.. If like me you were to use the Groupon voucher ensure you do get a cashback on the purchase as well, you know what I will say go to TopCashback site for it 🙂

As my muscle problem forced me to stay off work for two days I decided to try Kindle library and downloaded my first FREE  bookHow to be f*** awesome‘ – I really like it as the author is quite direct and doesn’t sugar-coat anything which shouldn’t be sugar-coated.  It is a refreshing self- improvement book where Dan tells us about managing business, how to make decisions, why our mindset is important and finally how to kill bad habits.  A really nice and quick read 🙂

As I was still recovering from my health issues I decided to do this week grocery shopping online, so that I do not have to leave home at the weekend. As I haven’t used ASDA before I opened the site from Top Cashback and as a new customer qualified for £6 of a cashback.

Right as my muscles are not the only tired parts of my body I decided to invest a bot of money in my face as well 🙂 As my skin is a bit tired and dry (yeah I know riding a motorcycle to work in winter is not helping for sure) I decided to test some cosmetics from Body Shop and try their  vitamin C microdermabrasion which regular price is £18 but I paid £10.8 – as I used  a code for 40% off RRP which they were advertising during Chinese New Year. I also bought vit.C glow enhancer which price was reduced to £7.5, so after my discount it was £4.5  and vit.E cream for only  £7.8 from £13.  Altogether I saved £15.40 and paid for all mentioned only £23.40. I consider it a good deal. Body Shop eded the 40% promotion but they offer £10 off when you spend £25 with this code: 19806.

Today I found a good deal for a lovely top at Coast, check it yourself : https://www.coast-stores.com/p/evanna-embellished-top-ltd/1686680 so I am now considering trying it on at my local Coast store to see if it is as nice on me as on this picture, if it is maybe I will get it…

I ended up buying some nice fragrance: Cacharel Anais Anais, so even though I do not know the scent as I haven’t had any chance to try it, I did risk and bought it as the price is really good – £7.8 per 30ml bottle, so if I do not like it I am sure it will make a nice gift for some family member or a friend of mine 🙂

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