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5 Fabulously Frugal Things I did Last Week

How was your week?

It was fabulous. I managed to do so many things 🙂 Few of them involved saving money, so I am mega happy as I seem to have saved at least a few hundreds of £££s 😉 How?

Well inspired by BeckyCass, Emma and Lynn I decided to share my last week achievements. Read the below to find out how I saved some decent money when enjoying my week 🙂

5 frugal things from money saving girl

1. I got my new motorcycle levers installed. I got them from AlliExpress for only £14.29, I even managed to get £0.64 of cashback:-) – the cheapest levers for my motorbike I found on eBay were for £15.58 and were rather ugly…

Yamaha R3 levers before
Yamaha R3 levers after

2. I nipped out to Waitrose on my lunch break and technically spent £4.59 but practically spent only £1 and got for that the below :

– a free coffee thanks to MyWaitrose loyalty card

– Colour Catcher for £1 (its RRP is £3) – as claimed it on Shopmium – try it yourself – I am sure you will love it as much as I do as it does save money.

– & Coldpress oat drink -a nice alternative to milk based drinks- is cost was to be claimed back following the instructions form the sticker placed on its bottle – I got my cash for it the next day after claiming the spent 🙂

Colour Catcher for 1GBP
Colour Catcher for 1GBP

3. I got a nice pair of trousers – skinny black jeans from Michael Kors – I was after quality skinnny black jeans for quite some time so when I found these at TKMaxx and they were in my size I was over the moon – if to believe the price label I saved over £110… as I managed to get them for £39.99 and their RRP was £150. That is why I do love TkMaxx. You casually walk in there to have a look and quite often find a true bargain like this one.

M. Kors jeans bargain TkMaxx-front with price
M. Kors jeans bargain TkMaxx M. Kors jeans bargain TkMaxx

4. Got my mega cheap lunch for the next day when on my way home from work on Thursday. I must say I visited TESCO rather late – around 7pm and managed to get a yummy bolognese discounted from £4 to £1.56 – Friday lunch sorted 🙂 and when at the petrol station I got also TESCO ClubCard points for the grocery shop and petrol – ESSO petrol stations are usually located next to Tesco Express so you can get Tesco Club Card points when fueling up at them 🙂

5.  I managed to switch HSBC account to M&S Bank so I am hoping to get £125 in vouchers sometime soon and then the additional £5 per month each month – it was a mega smooth and easy process and I didn’t have to do much to get the accounts switched so I recommend that highly to anyone interested in getting free cash easily and effortlessly 🙂

*Finally got my English Heritage membership with a lovely catalog and the latest magazine. As this weekend weather looks promising we may plan our next motorcycle ride to a nice English Heritage site.

English Heritage membership pack
English Heritage membership pack


** I also helped one of my friends to save some money on cosmetics with useful ideas on how to source the best money saving codes and vouchers – I may create a separate post on that to show you how I go on about that 🙂

I have plans to save more this weekend when doing my weekly grocery shopping and using Shop&Scan 🙂 If my next week’s savings prove as cool as these ones I will share them with you.


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