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5 Money Saving Ideas for your Business

5 Money Saving Tips for your business


Businesses worldwide are constantly looking at ways to reduce their outgoings – whether it’s through utility bills, or outsourcing work instead of hiring full-time staff. In recent years, one option of saving money that has become increasing popular is for businesses to ‘go green’. Not only has it been proven to be a cost-effective way of working, it’s also great for employee health and wellbeing. We look at how businesses can be sustainable, and how they can save money in the process.



1.Change the lighting

Many businesses still run on fluorescent lighting within their offices, and warehouses that are bad for the environment. Instead, businesses should be opting for eco-friendly LED lights that do not use as much energy, but that are longer lasting and cheaper to run. Although purchasing the lights may be quite costly, businesses will get this money back over time as they won’t need to replace them as often and as the energy usage will decrease, so will their electricity bill. Staff should be monitoring light usage to ensure that they are switched off when they are not in use. If it’s possible, try and make use of natural lighting, open the windows and paint walls in light colours to extend the light as much as possible. You can always get a cashback on LED lights for example at the time of writing this post Wholesale LED Lights offers generous 10.5% off the shopping cost in a form of a cashback. If you combine that with their 15% off autumn sale you have just saved 25% off your spent. Thats well worth it.

2. Switch everything off

Although many employees will shut down their computers and electrical equipment at the end of the day, there will be a percentage of people who will not. Staff should be educated in why it’s important to shut down, it can save money on the electricity bill from not being on all through the night or over the weekend, and isn’t burning unnecessary electricity emissions. It’s an easy ask of staff to carry out before they head home for the day.

3. Replace the kettle

Although flicking the kettle on in the office is an everyday essential for most workers, no one ever considers the impact the electricity usage has on the environment, and the cost of running it. Home2Office have carried out research to find that businesses are spending an astonishing £5,833 a year on making hot drinks* (based on ten staff members drinking five cups a day). Say a kettle in each office on average takes around four minutes to boil and it costs, on average, £7 an hour, it can cost the business £23.33 a day. For an eco-friendlier way of making hot drinks, companies can opt for boiler systems that will save companies money, and prevent staff from being away from their desks for too long 🙂

4.Working remotely

For companies who might require a lot of meetings away from the office, the cost of running a business car can be quite expensive. There is the cost of renting the car, insurance, tax and fuel to run it. Instead, opt for holding virtual meetings using software like Skype. This will not only save you paying out, but it will also stop unnecessary emissions being released into the air.

5. Printing is no longer necessary

Whenever possible, staff can use emails to send any important documents, internally or externally, that can be viewed and downloaded online. It will prevent them paying out for paper and ink cartridges which can often be quite pricey, while also helping to contribute to the reduction of paper wastage.

These are just a few tips that can be carried out by businesses that will help them save money by going green. By implementing these new routines to a working day, they will be sure to feel the benefit of it.

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