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7 Simple Ideas to Save Money in Autumn 2015

With Christmas only 81 day away many of us should start saving money for increased spend in December. Here are my simple to follow tips:

1. Going out on a budget? Try Table Pouncer to get 50% off your bill or 2-4-1 offers in the restaurant of your choice from those available on the site.The website allows late bookings 1-2 days before the night out and it charges a small booking fee for that.

2. Get tastecard for just £1 (google deals like that) and get 3 months of savings at 1000s of UK restaurants!

Save money on dining out

3. Thinking about joining the gym? There is no better month for that than November when everybody thinks about Xmas hence there is much lower interest in gym membership that’s why many gyms are offering worthwhile deals. Try to enrol at the end of the month when many gyms are trying to hit their monthly enrolment goals and are more likely to offer you some convincing deals 🙂

Also ensure you try a free pass before you join the gym to check out if it’s really for you. When getting pruhelath insurance you can also get 50% off the membership fee for Virgin Active, so if Virgin Active is your local gym consider getting this private health insurance and get some more perks (free cinema tickets, free hot drink from Starbucks once a week or discounted Eurostar and BA tickets).

4. Buy New Year’s Eve alcohol earlier!

1. 60% of average household’s energy bills accounts for heating, that’s approximately £700 per year –> control it to save money!
Get your personal heating assistant such as Nest, Cosy or Tado.

2. Check if you are with the best utility provider and if not switch to a cheaper one and get a cash back when doing so 🙂

3. Use LED lights to save even money on energy bills (especially if you have kids who are prone to leaving the lights on!). Find the right light, compare specifications and find the best price in the market place when using whichledlight – UK’s #1 Price comparison site for LED bulbs. You won’t need to look anywhere else!
Which LED Light - How to save on bulbs


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