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Are you smart to ring up big savings on your mobile?

Many of Britons are overpaying for their phones…Whereas it is quite easy to analyse which tariff/package is the best for you to save money on your mobile usage…

Have you known that having the same phone, and often the same deal from the same network can often make customers pay different monthly fees….

Recent researches revealed that 48% of pay-monthly mobile phone customers end up paying more than their set tariff, spending on average more than £100 a year than their included bundle..whereas one in 10 spends more than £25 every month according to uSwitch…with main reason for overspending being high roaming fees when using the phone abroad and calling the numbers outside of the monthly contract (premium numbers).

All in all majority of us pay for more minutes, texts and data than we actually use…

The easiest way to check our actual usage is when monitoring it using a website such as Billmonitor.

You can also find some useful information on Ofcom.

All the pages should guide you through the best deals and offers, tailored to your actual usage. I myself was on a monthly contract with Three but then one day watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’ got interested in its sponsor GiffGaff and switched to them at the end of my contract with Three. I believe this move saved me approximately 7-10£/month so approximately £100 a year! Therefore I believe checking deals and spending little time for analysing the best deal for ourselves could prove beneficial in the long term. Having said that its obvious that for all those who aren’t phone addicts pay-as-you-go will be much. much cheaper solution! And if you do not care about the newest phone then SIM only deal seems to be a great solution.

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If however you decide to go for any contract phone make sure that you have checked if the phone dealer supplier is on a cashback site such as TopCashBack or Quidco.

If you buy your new handset online at eBay or Amazon do not forget to collect Nectar points on your purchase!Ah and be eco-friendly and do not forget to recycle your old phone if you decide to upgrade it by a better model. Good websites for that reason are Mobile Valuer, Enviro fone or Mazuma Mobile.

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