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Beat the 2014 Budget – Save on Alcohol

With the Budget being released on little over a month ago, alcohol is expected to be hit by inflation-busting rises again. Here’s how ordinary consumers can beat the Budget.

George Osborne’s budget which was released on Wednesday (19th March) at 12.30pm, and Alcohol is expected to be hit yet again with a rise in Duty. In the last Budget, the Government increased Duty on Wines and Spirits making the U.K. one of the most heavily taxed countries in Europe. The figures are alarming for shoppers, 57% of the cost of the average bottle of Wine is paid to the Exchequer in Taxes, 79% of the average bottle of Vodka and 31% of a Pint of Beer respectively.

Save Money on Alcohol
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In real terms Duty on alcohol has increased by almost 50% in the last 10 years.
Help is at hand for Consumers however. Due to the fierce competition between Supermarkets for customers, prices for Wines, Beers and Spirits can vary by up to 50%. The recently launched free price comparison site Bring a Bottle ( saves consumers on average over 20% on the best-selling drinks, with some products varying in price by up to 50% between major retailers. For example, a consumer buying a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Shiraz on the 17th March (one of the best-selling wines in the U.K.) would have saved £3 a bottle shopping at ASDA rather than Sainsbury’s; far more than the fixed duty price of £2 per bottle. Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle, said “Consumers are used to the cost of drinks increasing every year in the Budget, but savvy shoppers can beat the rises and save money by comparing prices at retailers before they buy.”
Bring a Bottle Savings Examples UK’s Top 5 best-selling Wine brands Saving UK’s Top 5 best-selling Spirits Saving

Save Money on Alcohol
Save Money on Alcohol

Notes to editors

• Duty figures taken from The British Beer and Pub Association ( and The Wine and Spirits Trade Association Annual Report 2013 (
• Bring a Bottle compares prices between the Major retailers and Online stores. Currently ASDA, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Majestic Wine, and
• is impartial in recommending brands, and price savings are the core criteria of the search engine with over 1,800 products on the website.
• Price comparison websites have more usually until now covered the purchase of flights, cars, home electronics and personal finance.
• Bring a Bottle is a free service for consumers. It is free for retail partners to feature their products and a typical commission is paid to Bring a Bottle when a purchase is made with no difference in price to consumers.
• The comparisons rely on prices supplied by retailers daily, and on in-stock items.
• Contact Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle Ltd for comment at [email protected] or 020 7978 7960

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