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BooHoo Affordable Clothing Meal Deal Idea

So today I learned that boohoo.com are the first fashion retailer which is offering  ‘meal deal’…

Yes, you read it right a  meal deal.. not the sandwich and drink though but they are offering to every customer of theirs a whole outfit for just £30.

BooHoo Meal Deal

Staying true to its passion and agility when it comes to fashion, boohoo.com listened to the social generation who expressed their desire for fashion brands to offer their own version of the much-loved supermarket meal deal.

Originally launched just for students, the ‘3 for £30’ meal deal gained an incredible reaction, with customers saying it was a “game changer”.    

On the back of its success, the meal deal is now available to all customers and the product selection has been refreshed with a selection of looks for both everyday wear and party season.

The concept is simple – the customer selects a starter (shoes), main (dress) and dessert (bag) from the meal deal page and enters the code MEALDEAL at checkout to redeem the discount, bagging themselves a full look for just £30.

Students can also get free next day Premier delivery if they’ve authorised their student email with boohoo.com //www.boohoo.com/page/student-discount.html

The meal deal is available now at //www.boohoo.com/meal-deal

Now I really dislike clothes shopping so I won’t be heading up for this meal deal but you may as well check it out.

Thankfully the dresses sold by Boohoo are not made out of cotton but if you decide to buy cotton clothes ensure you watch this before: //www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bn6034


BooHoo Meal Deal


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