Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Contract Phone Deals Online

It is funny that when looking for the cheapest contract phone what you get when Googling is actually not the cheapest…as much as I love moneysavingexpert this:

is not a deal!

iPhone 4S for £511.99 is not the cheapest deal for 24 months available on the market.

It is enough when you go to uSwitch iPhone 4S page and analyse their deals but dont be fooled not always the cheapest is the cheapest. Yes sure you see:

but the first offer with £22 phone is not the cheapest…look at the second phone, the deal is:

£26 x 24 months = £624 but hand on do you see that they offer £156 cashback?
This makes the total price go down from £624 to £468 which means monthly rental works out £19.5.

I hope having read that you will analyse your next purchase a bit longer:-)

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