Wednesday , 19 February 2020
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High Speed Training

I have come across a nice website recently. Thy offer high speed training at reasonable price and in a very pleasant way via audio videos.

Since I have been setting up my business lately I decided to check whats their Business Course is like and decided to go for a course called ‘Starting a Business’. I found that course extremely valuable and learned a few things even though I have already my own business.

This course is ideal for everybody thinking about setting up their own business, not only because it touches on the typical subjects such as pros and cons of having an own business but also because it explains some more complex business areas.

So if you are not sure if you should be a ‘sole trader’, open a partnership or simply register your business as a limited company this course will come to you as an aid and explain the differences of these types of businesses. If you decide to go for ltd. company simply visit  Company House online to register your new company. It takes only a few minutes and when done using some of the online company formation websites you can count on some nice cashback if you decide to open your business account with Barclays for example.

I am not trying to be partial here because I myself have a business account with Barclays and find it a great business account when comparing to the other business bank accounts.

The mentioned above course talks also about challenges of setting a business, it will quickly demonstrate how to create a simple business and marketing plans altogether with an operational plan (the day-to-day activities of the business) and how important it is to have a contingency fund just in case everything goes wrong…

It will remind you how important it is to not forget about getting a liability insurance, here I would go to Hicox in order not to be stuffed…

Finally if you need an office but not necessary to trade but to ‘exist’ go for great virtual offices. I found mine with >JetVirtual.

The above described course will give you valuable information you need to attain before you start setting up your own business. I really enjoyed going through it modules and gained some more insights on the topic of building my own business.

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