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How to choose a cheap home insurance painlessly

So you are just about to exchange your contracts and get the dream house…but before you do so you need to get the home insurance since this is a condition for your bank to finally give you the offered mortgage…And here starts the research…

How to choose from millions of companies offering building insurance?

Having found a few direct home isnurance companies I got the house insurance quote from Direct Line

MORE TH>N was perfect for me £235 but unfortunately it did not cover some of the insurance conditions requested by my mortgage provider…such a pity because it was a really good quote…

Lets come back to sites comparing insurance prices…

Unfortunately  insurance aggregators as some call them do not give you the best quotes…well not all of them. So I would say it is a good idea to check a few of them..

I really disliked… the process of getting the quote was mundane and in the end the site recommended me an insurance for £400 from Aviva..brr! Stay away from both of them… on the other hand found me quite a good deal.. as good as the one I found on MORE TH>N and this time the policy covered all the conditions Nationwide listed in the insurance section of the mortgage offer.

This is how I ended up with Swiftcover. Amazing policy and great price – yet again £235 and thanks to finding the policy through comparethemarket I can now be also an owner of their toy…you know baby Oleg – this small cutie which makes your Corrie breaks truly funny 🙂

Baby Oleg

P.S. Guess what you can always sell Oleg if you do not find him adorable…I saw on eBay that you can get £20-£40 for him…but please do not do it unless you are desperate for cash…he was already dropped at the Alexandr doorstep once…


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