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How to find cheap flights

Some time ago I was trying to buy a cheap plane ticket back home (to Poland) and it was rather expensive period because just before Christmas…. However I managed to come up with a good way of fixing myself a cheap tickets wherever I go, sorry fly…

Cheap flights

Here are the tips and websites for getting the best flight deals online:

1. Avoid flying if you don’t have to – usually going by car, buses or trains is cheaper than flying. If you want to save money, are flexible and adventurous, consider visiting blabla car and search for people looking for passengers, so that you can pay them for travelling with them when saving money that way (their fees are usually way cheaper than those we pay for any other means of transportation).

2. Connection flights – quite often it is more cost efficient to find a flight that has the layover of your choice rather than fly to the final destination straightaway.

3. Use the best flight aggregators – I usually start with skyscanner and then go to Kayak to make sure I am not missing on budget flights. Once I find my flight on skyscanner I double check it on Kayak.co.uk to see if I can find there even better price. Also what I like about Kayak is their way of displaying all the flights with their prices in a certain month so that you can see when you can find the cheapest deals.

4. Do a final price check on the airline website – never trust anybody…having found a flight on an aggregator website, I then check it on the official airline website to see if their price on the aggregators have not been higher. Most of the time they are exactly the same but you never know until you double-check…

5. Set flight alerts – If you are flexible and want to receive flights deals straight to your inbox, set travel alerts on skyscanner and Kayak. You can also use Farecompare. They will alert you of the best flight information.

Read my next post where I will be describing how to find mega cheap accommodation for your next holidays or weekend break.

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