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How to learn business writing?

‘According to the National Literacy Trust, 92% of adults believe that literacy is vital to the economy and essential for getting a good job.’

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Good writing skills are also a core element of jobs such as: journalist, editor or recently bloggers or SEO copywriters and of course many more. Those people need to write about products and services so that they sell. Promotion and advertisement is a big part of SEO copywriter job. Nonetheless they need to inform their audience in an appropriate manner without being to seals-y. Here is where creative and good writing skills come to light. Correct, clear and concise information delivered in a logical way is the key.

Google is a great source of inspiration…so are sites such as lifehack or PickTheBrain.

Creative language should be catchy, look at this headline : 7 Reasons why you are nor a millionaire. I am sure that once you have read his simple heading you were not able to ignore it and you did visit the page to read about all the habits which prevent you from being rich…true?

Whenever I go on this website I find it hard not to read a few other articles suggested to me in the right had side of the website…simply amazing…

How to improve your (business) writing skills?

1. Read – the more you read the better your language, its structure and vocabulary become ( try to read various publications to get exposition to various language styles and forms)
2. Improve your writing style, grammar and punctuation when exercising online – go to Grammar Girl for help..
3. Get a course in business writing or any other type of writing
4. Learn how to create SEO content, there are plenty of resources available online
5. Use cheat sheets…
6. Never stop writing – practice makes a master!
7. Be positive!

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