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How to save money on your Pastimes: Don’t overpay for leisure activities

Saving money is great and makes us all feel good but we still need to enjoy ourselves. So how do you strike that balance between enjoying your leisure time and saving money at the same time? If your favourite pastime is money-saving then that’s great, but for most people, the ultimate goal is to get the item or service we want for a good price. So here are our latest tips on how to get there.

How to Save Money on Hobbies

1. Haggling

Learn how to haggle to get the best deals – yes I am talking about haggling in the UK not in any other country 🙂 The key to haggling is ensuring that you are armed with all the information you need make comparisons with other similar goods or services and their price. If you can’t get the price reduced, ask for something extra to be thrown into the deal.For further tips on haggling see this helpful guide. I managed to haggle a good renewal price for my broadband package with TalkTalk, so it does work 🙂 I also got my mobile SIM for FREE!

2. Deal finders and shopping robots

Spend some time shopping around for the best deals, and promotional discount codes. Utilise shopping robots to help search out the best deals available. Sites like VoucherBox, Hot Deals or LatestDeals are a great starting point to discover latest money saving deals. But don’t stop there. Once you have found the best deal don’t forget you can still use the best deal to haggle the price down on the company you would ideally like to go with. A great example of this is spa breaks, as there are comparison websites dedicated to finding you the best deal as well as deal websites with promotional codes.

3. Joining promotions

A wide variety of leisure activities run great promotional offers for becoming a member or for your first experience. Shop around to find out what deals are available and what seasonal changes affect the prices so that you can time your purchase at the right time to get the best deal, if possible. Gyms are a classic example of this and have lots of seasonal offers to tempt people into joining, such as January for those New Year resolutions as well as pre-holiday periods. Also did you know that you can try some Nuffield gyms in exchange for a Tesco Club card points? Simply exchange £18.5 worth of points for 4 weeks membership there to see if this gym chain is suitable for you 🙂

4. Loyalty discounts

Loyalty can play off but often the best deals are kept for winning new customers, so don’t just accept the renewal prices and don’t afraid to threaten to leave to get a better deal. As a loyal customer though, lots of places offer great discounts to keep you spending. This worked for me with mentioned above Talk Talk. There are also some casino sites which offer loyalty bonuses for loading up your wallet. BitCasino, for instance, not only gives new customers promotional sign-up offers but goes on to provide bonuses for loyal members, details of which are available if you visit website. They include 25-50% bonuses on top ups, which makes BitCasino a good example of a brand rewarding customer loyalty – look out for such brands, especially if you like their products.

5. Signing up for promotional offers

Although it can be annoying to wade through an inbox of promotional emails it is worth signing up for some promotional emails to access to seasonal offers – at least when it comes to your favourite shops and brands. Select whose you sign up to ensure that you get the right type of offers that interest you and not just lots of spam. For example, sign up to emails from beauty therapists as there are often short notice deals to fill their diaries. Or simply try ‘last-minute’ deals from Treatwell 🙂

Whatever your pastimes are, have fun and enjoy the happy glow of saving money!

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