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How to Spend £5 on your Phone Data

As you know in many instances it is best to go for SIM only plan and buying a phone separately since despite of the ‘huge’ initial payment for phone it will eventually be paid back through the money saved on the calls/text and data usage. I wrote already about it a while ago 🙂

So depending on your data usage you can most likely find a cheaper alternative to your contract phone when visiting one of the comparison sites to check which plan will suit you the best.

I have been using giffgaff up until I realised I can actually get even better deal for the same data allowance I have been getting so far…

That is why I urge you to check :

  1. If you are on contract/sim only deal and how long you have the contract running for
  2. Use any of the SIM only plans comparison sites available online
  3. Compare your current allowance against the plans offered by another operators
  4. Check if your data allowance can be bought from another operator cheaper – it looks like there are a few new operators out there fighting for new clients so your current SIM only plan may be not the cheapest/best

How I did check where will I be switching to:

1. My current plan:

GIFFgaff PAYG tariff

2. Can I get better deal? I visited uSwitch where 3 top small usage SIM only were:

uSwitch SIM Only Deals

3. It looked good but I wanted to check it further so I went on other deal comparison site – the deals vary slightly when comparing them with uSwitch this is because they feature cashbacks/discounts:

MoneySupermarket SIM Only

4. Then I checked the deals offered by my current broadband provider, yes a broadband provider – most of your broadband providers offer mobile phone/SIM deals, mine is:

TALKtalk SIM Only

So now having compared the above and decided what exactly I do want I can easily choose if I want to spend £1.99 for 250 mins /unlimited text and 250 MB or want to go for £3.95 which gives me the same amount of minutes and text but 50MB more of data or pay even more to get 500 of everything (minutes, text and data).

Whatever I decide to go for I am paying between £1.99 and £4.95 which is still LOWER than I have been paying giffgaff so far (£7.50) that is why reviews of current PAYG offers make sense. After all it takes  couple of minutes to check the competition and to switch to a cheaper provider 🙂

*** I have also tried FredomPop but I do not like that, the reason being is : it is compeltely VOIP dependant network…hence if you for for the FREE sim with 200 minutes/200 text and 200MB offered to you for free you will most likely run out of that 200MB data very quickly fi you have to call and text when using the Internet….

The PREMIUM 500 (500 mins/500 text/500MB data ) cost £.4.99 but again I think you need some more data to make calls /texts while online therefore PREMIUM 1000 (1000mins/ 1000 text/1000 data ) costing you £8.99 will be much better but again do you really want to pay for VOIP calls and text messages when you can have it all separated for as little as £5 per month having your phone battery lasting for longer a the same time (if yoi dont use neither data nor WIFI connection you battery is bound to last longer and on any non VOIP network you will be still receiving the calls and text messages).


P.S Images in the post come from the mentioned sites and the feature image comes from http://www.sim-only.co.uk/

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