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How to switch energy suppliers hassle-free

Recent changes in the energy prices

As announced quite recently EDF, ScottishPower, British Gas, npower & SSE have raised their prices:
EDF Energy –by 3.9 %
E.On – by6.6 %
SSE – by 8.2%
British Gas – by 9.2%
npower’s lead – by 10.4 %

Are you using any of these energy providers? I am sure you may do…

With Christmas coming in 35 days and all the shopping and preparations we have ahead it’s easy to lose focus when thinking about sorting out the energy bills, however not sorting it out may lead to a drastic increase in spent for your electricity or gas usage.

A quick solution to this would be when reviewing your tariff – analyse your last year usage and if need be switch to a great-value fixed price plan before they are gone!

Use one of the available online gas and electricity switching tools to see how easily you can save a few hounded pounds when comparing the deals and switching over! Look at the price difference between shown below suppliers and tariffs and start thinking about getting the best possible deal:

energy tariffs
Source:OFGEM 2013

How to switch the supplier?

Switching suppliers is not difficult and does not require a lot of time nor effort.

• Before you switch your supplier check if you could get better deal from your current provider, if not browse your options online. There are plenty of companies which can help you with the energy price comparison and switching process.

• Check if you are entitled to any price discounts due to your life situation (pension, health issues etc.)

• Analyse your last year usage when calculating the spent when looking at your last year bills

• Switching suppliers may take up to 8 weeks and until this period you will receive your energy from your old supplier

• If for some reason you change your mind about switching suppliers you have 14 days (from the day you signed the contract with your new provider) for contract cancellation without any charges for doing so

• If you have any outstanding payments or debts with your current provider you will have to pay them before the switch

• Resigning from fixed contract may incur additional fees for breaching the contract before it matures

Check if your preferred comparison site is on the list of price comparison companies accredited by the Confidence Code. Use websites such as MyUtilityGenius or MoneySupermarket.com
These websites provide genuine information which has been calculated in a fair and unbiased way when comparing your energy prices based on the area you live in (postal code required). Furthermore they assist you with the whole process of switching suppliers so it is really easy!
Do not be afraid of change and start comparing your energy prices today!

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