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Four Times to Blow the Budget when Travelling

Sometimes in life, it’s nice to treat yourself to some luxury and going on your ideal trip abroad gives you the perfect opportunity and excuse to properly indulge yourself. After all, there’s plenty of time to watch the pennies and save money through the rest of the year and that perfect holiday away should be just that – perfect – so if you’ve already invested in your trip, there’s little point scrimping while you’re away.

Here are four ultimate blow the budget ideas to make that next holiday abroad your ultimate trip. 

Research online for unforgettable excursions and experiences

Pretty much all major tourist destinations offer the chance to book excursions or experiences that will give you the memories of a lifetime. For example, in Tenerife, you could enjoy a moonlit meal under the stars on Spain’s highest mountain, Mount Teide, offered by Teide by Night. In Venice, you could book a gondola ride along the city’s famed canals, or in Paris, take a guided sightseeing trip around the capital’s multiple museums, cathedrals and famous landmarks. 

Splash the cash on some luxury travel items

We all like a little luxury in our lives but perhaps even more so when we’re on holiday. Check the Cash Lady’s travel pack for that extra-special, pre-trip indulgence to help you enjoy your holiday even more. Ideas range from eye masks and make-up to headphones and computer tablets – just the kind of items that will keep you occupied and looking fresh while you’re away. 

Check your destination for once in a lifetime activities 

Before leaving for your destination, check what activities are available to book in and around your resort. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go paragliding, or surfing, or scuba diving, or backcountry powder skiing, or even snowboarding. Whatever it is, your time abroad will be made all the better and more memorable through trying entirely new activities – things which will give you memories that will last long after the holiday has ended. 

Most of the bigger and most popular holiday destinations have a huge range of exciting activities available – sometimes offered at prices much cheaper than you’ll find at home. You could even consider going on multi-day courses to learn a new skill such as kitesurfing or boating. Search online for ideas in your resort to see what’s available.  

Book luxury hotel accommodation and rooms

Visiting a dream destination is one thing but if you want a truly memorable trip, consider exploring your options for luxury accommodation like five-star hotels or private villa rentals. Also, don’t forget the seemingly smaller aspects that can end up making a world of difference to your trip – things like sea views, a private hot-tub or on-roof sunbathing areas and swimming pools. Most people on holiday spend a good chunk of their time in or around their accommodation so don’t let poor rooms or inadequate facilities get in the way and potentially ruin that ideal trip.  

The majority of people work hard through the year saving for – and looking forward to – their holidays so really there’s no better time to allow yourself a little extravagance than when you’re away. Blowing the budget once in a while is more than allowed if it leaves you with lifelong memories. 

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