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New Year and New Ways of Saving- Top 10 Tips in January

The new years celebration last only a few hours and then we come to the realization that yet again we are older and the prices are going up…

There are however many ways to start your new year in a way that will allow you to SAVE not to spend money. My favorite tricks this month are:

1. Transfer your current bank account to Halifax and open a reward account, once you set up 2 standing orders and will have at least £750 coming to this account each month you will get a £5 reward each month 🙂 = £60 extra per year + £100 for your bank account transfer on top of that.

2. Save even more money when opening a second bank account with Santander. Open the 123 Account and yet again set up at least 2 standing orders with them and will get at least £500 coming to this account not only will you get a cashback on some of the bills you are paying using this account but you will also get 3% of interest rates on your savings (once you get £3k up to £20k)- depending on how much you can save on this account you will be able to save up to £600 per year, so it will be well worth the £2 fee you need to cover each month for this account (it is quite likely that this fee will be covered by your bills cashback anyway)

3. While you have opened the 123 Account in Santander maximize on the opportunity to get their 123 Credit Card, if you have 123 Account its fee will cover your credit card fee so the first year of having this card will be for free and yet again you will be able to get some more cashback on groceries, petrol and on the shopping in some of the biggest department stores.

4. Overpay your mortgage if its interest rate is any higher than the interest rate you have your current saving account – and here let me remind you that the best saving account in the UK is currently offered by Santander, as described in point 1:-)

5. Get fit with HALF PRICE GYM membership 🙂
Get basic PruHealth health insurance (it will cost you around £18 per month) and then get :
– half price membership fee at Virgin Gym
– weekly free ticket to VUE or Cineworld
– Eurostar discounts (BA discounts from April 2015)
– free handcrafted drink once a week at Starbucks (from April 2015)
or get fit with freeletics – where 3 month plan will cost you only around £20

6. Save £12 on your first online shopping at Tesco – well you have to spend £60 at one go but if you buy a few bottles of wine and some cosmetics or long-lasting products it shouldn’t be that difficult after all. When shopping next time check which supermarkets are the cheapest 🙂

7. Buying loads of cosmetics? Visit Wilko for the best prices for pretty much all the cosmetics available in the supermarkets.

8. For cheap perfumes go to All Beauty or Fragrance Direct both offer better deals than the duty-free.

9. Traveling to and from the airport in London? Some services offer great discounts e.g Stansted Express can cost you as little as £7.50 if booked a month in advance. When traveling from/to another airport you can share a cab to get a better price for your journey, simply use http://cabpal.co.uk/

10. Setting up a small business? Use 78 York Street for an affordable virtual office and Warehouse Storage Solutions Limited for quality storage solutions. If you need a genuine accountant who will think about you and not only your business go for Primus Accounting – the best accounting office I had a chance to choose. Amazing and professional service.

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