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School Uniforms for Less: How to do Back to School on a Budget

Save on School Uniforms

“Back to School” is a phrase which strikes fear in the heart of parents everywhere, summoning up memories of shoe shop tantrums and trying to wrangle the kids into changing rooms. Aside from the ordeal of dragging bored kids around busy shops, the financial implications of getting the kids kitted …

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Water suppliers in London and in the UK

Water Companies

Contracts exchanged, house insured now it is high time to take care of my water suppliers..But how to choose? How many water suppliers do we have in London? There are 25 water suppliers currently covering England, Wales and Scotland. 2 out of them serve in London and around. –  Affinity …

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How to switch energy suppliers hassle-free


Recent changes in the energy prices As announced quite recently EDF, ScottishPower, British Gas, npower & SSE have raised their prices: EDF Energy –by 3.9 % E.On – by6.6 % SSE – by 8.2% British Gas – by 9.2% npower’s lead – by 10.4 % Are you using any of …

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How to learn business writing?

‘According to the National Literacy Trust, 92% of adults believe that literacy is vital to the economy and essential for getting a good job.’ Good writing skills are also a core element of jobs such as: journalist, editor or recently bloggers or SEO copywriters and of course many more. Those …

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