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Britons waste £4.1 Billion a year buying overpriced Alcohol

Britons waste around £4.1 Billion a year buying their drinks at the most expensive retailer research from Wines, Beers and Spirits comparison website Bring a Bottle has shown.

The National spend on Wines, Beers and Spirits for consumption at home reached highs of £19 Billion in 2013 and research shows that by simply changing retailer customers can save an average of 22%.

On a single day in January analysis of 1,900 products all sold at the 5 major supermarkets and other online retailers revealed significant savings. The most extreme example, uncovered by website, was a 45% difference in price for a bottle of Piper Heidsieck Champagne (75cl) sold for £18 at ASDA and £32.89 at Sainsbury’s (or £14.89 difference per bottle).

Similarly a bottle of The Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky (70cl), the 3rd best-selling spirit in the U.K. was 37% cheaper at one major retailer than its closest competitor. 19% of people regularly buy their drinks online from major supermarkets every year, and with a spend of £130 per order on Alcohol these figures could mean a saving of £28 a time.

Hugo Fairey, Director of Bring a Bottle, said “20 Million people use comparison websites for their Home Insurance which costs on average £180 a year so when you consider that people spend far more on alcohol it’s remarkable that they aren’t shopping around.”

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