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Shopping Gift Guide – Google Trends

2020 was a tough year but those who didn’t lose jobs will try to make this Christmas special even in the current COVID circumstances. Did you notice how many more people decorated their houses with lights earlier this year.

Not many houses can beat the house of Bishop Jonathan Blake in Bexley. He has been decorating his house that way since 2002 to support various charities & lately the water connection being built in Africa:

With that, it’s expected that those who can afford will splash on the festive celebrations to make up for the lack of normality we are facing daily.

Our friends at Latest Deals anticipate an average Christmas present gift to cost between £20-50 per person:

Christmas gift budget-2020

Needless to say, I m a proper Sheldon Cooper in that department… We will be solo this Christmas (just my husband and I +the dog) and we decided NOT to give each other presents other than our own PRESENCE and COOKING TOGETHER good food so quality time and food 😊👌

Shopping Gift Guide based on raised trends observed by Google

But let’s analyse Christmas gift ideas for those who aren’t like us. Last week I saw an interesting gift compilation put by Google. They created a gift guide based on the increasing searches for items mostly looked for in 2020.Let’s see their tops across these 7 categories:

Google Gift finder based on the increasing searches seen in Google

2020 was a year of raising chefs

Searches for recipes have doubled this year, reaching an all-time high. Below listed are this year’s trending kitchen searches and tools:

So what present can make a chef smile?

Stand Mixers

I actually got this cheap stand mixer (£59.99) from Lakeland.

It is nice when you have a lot of dough to mix as if you try for example a famous Dalgona coffee the mix handles have barely anything to touch & mix… Amazon Kenwood bestseller cost £249 and actually, I d not mind getting that one as I am sure you ‘get what you pay for’ so a pro baker will appreciate a proper stand mixer.

Coffee Makers

I am an old-fashioned lady, so simple stainless steel (beware not aluminum as it’s not healthy)hob coffee brewer is enough for me. We got this very one last year:

Godmorn Stovetop Espresso Maker, Italian Coffee Maker Moka Pot, 300ml/6 Cup (Espresso Cup=50ml) Stainless Steel Classic Cafe Maker

Many people may appreciate more advanced coffee making machines like these from DeLonghi.

Slow Cookers

I adore my CrockPot a handy pressure/slow cooker in which I can quickly prepare various veggie soups but also some other dishes. Its discounted on Amazon now and sells for £58.99 from £89.99

2020 was a year of home fitness raising

Search interest for exercise equipment has jumped 116% this year. Most searched were:

  • exercise/training mats (+120%)
  • fitness trackers (fitbit charge 4 +1100%,fitbit watches for women+950%)

Fitness Trackers

I researched fitness trackers at the end of 2019 and personally got my Garmin vivomove HR in February 2020 using my health insurance discount of 30%. I like this tracker as it doesn’t look like a fitness tracker but a woman watch, however when Garmin had some cyber issues and was down I was considering my next tracker to be Fitbit. It looks like Fitbit versa 3 may be a serious contender when my current tracker stops working.

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitness Mats

For yoga or not its always good to have a fitness mat 🙂 I use my NIKE one when I do cross-fit/HIIT using my fav freeletics app.

For the techie

Searches for gadgets have increased as well, people looked commonly for:

  • most popular tablets (+12%)
  • streaming (+33%)
  • Searches for ring lights are at their all-time high…


I don’t own a tablet myself but I inflated the searches for ‘most popular tablets’ as I wanted my mum to own one. I’d go for Apple if I was to by one but she got one from Lenovo …


Google Searches – Google Trends 2020

Don’t most of us stream on Netflix? We got Netflix last year as when my parents moved to Germany I wanted them to distract a bit from their problems and to be able to watch movies in their native language. Sadly not many movies are available in Polish but it seems like Netflix’s library in that language has been slowly growing, so my mum can enjoy ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ in her native Polish. We also have Amazon Prime – it’s for free when you reach 40 points when doing fitness when on Vitality. I currently adore ‘This is Us’…such a good series.

Ring-light tripods

I got one from Amazon for when I come back to creating videos but sadly it stopped working just a couple of days after it arrived so I had to send it back ;-( I may browse Latest Deals to see if there are any good ones trading.

For the decorators

2020 was a year of handmade goods and home decor (+24%). This year’s trending products for the home were:

I personally looked for Christmas LED lights and eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations. My sister creates beautiful paper stars so apart from the lights there are no plastic decorations on the tree..

I also liked to grow my own sprouts in a sprouts kit I got for my birthday last year from my sister. I also took interest in microgreens.

We did a lot of DIY upstairs and installed the underfloor heating and Quick-step and finally painted the rooms and refreshed the bathrooms.I may create a separate post on that subject with before & after pics soon. With that, I couldn’t be happier about getting a robotic hoover to clean up the DIY mess 🙂

For the wellness guru

Gift baskets

Searches for gift baskets and care packages rose 130% this year, whereas calming candles by 40%.

Skincare searches are up 29% this year.

Gift baskets

I actually couldn’t find a gift basket my mum may like so I created my own. I went on Amazon and got these:

My mums gift basket self – composed on Amazon

*You dont have to use Amazon for that – I did as they shipped the above to Poland just for £6.11 which was nice compared to popular basket shops. However as I said I know what my mum likes so I preferred to build a gift for her gift box out of items I was sure she will enjoy rather than have presents she may not like.


I am not into cosmetics but always happy to receive any free samples and this year I got a free NARS lipstick sample.

I try to buy little yet quality cosmetics and for small ones I keep coming back to the Body Shop.

For the gamers

This year’s coolest cross-platform games searches increased by +150%…Gift guides are always recommending Playstations.

I hear Playstation 5 is a rare find..

Video games have been in demand …
Virtual Reality searches were booming

I will look for Cyber Pank 2077 as a spot-on game sparking a huge smile on many gamers’ faces…I love Keanu so no more comment….£35 on eBay for Xbox One on Steam £50 🙂

For the kids

You can guess which searches were the most popular this year:

  • Board games (+14%)
  • Puzzles (+25%)
  • and dolls galore.

Board games

We got Gloomhaven Board Game: Jaws Of The Lion for our friends, so we yet to play it…but last year we got my sister Charterstone and it’s good. For one of our godsons, we have bought recently Mice and Mystic.

We enjoy playing Dogs and Azul.

The search for roller skates and longboards rose…

I hope you found this gift guide helpful.

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