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Thrifty Valentines Day Ideas – February 2017

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The most romantic night in a year is coming soon. I am not a big fan of Valentine’s day and only celebrated it a few times so far. Thankfully my husband is the same. So yes we are NOT preparing ourselves for 14/02 as we celebrate VD pretty much everyday. If you are less fortunate you may as well make an effort and surprise your other half with a thoughtful present though.

During the VD in 2014 I gave to my boyfriend then a tea spoon, no it was not a regular tea spoon but a one with engraved ‘You are my cup of tea’. It seemed to be truly minimalistic yet conveyed the message better than anything else :-).

Last year we decided to not to celebrate VD anymore but I managed to get a free card from Snapfish learning about it from Latest Free Stuff. It was a very nice card as I was allowed to create it myself using our picture, sadly this year they weren’t offering anything like that. So my spent for VD this year is going ti be £0 🙂 but…

…according to national data the average spend on gifts for a spouse or partner is £41. Men spend £50 on their lady on average and women spend £32 on their man. So shopping smart is possible you just need to do a quick online research knowing what will be appreciated by your other half 🙂

If I was to carry on with celebrating VD I would probably find something small yet quirky on IWOOT.

– If you are going to use this site for the first time ensure you use this code: WELCOME to save 15% on your first purchase.
– If you are going to spend £80 use this code 20IW80 to save 20% which is £16 🙂
– Codes HISGIFT and HERGIFT save 10% on gifts from respective categories.

Browse gifts for him when clicking on the image below :

Sites such as lovethesales.com offer nice discounts for many other items bought typically for this occasion. You may check it out if buying small presents is not for you:-)

If you however listen to the recent researches you will learn that they prove people value experiences over materialistic gifts much more! So whenever I have some time I am planning some ‘cool stuff’ to do for my partner and myself. We usually love spending our free time in SPAs, we occasionally try out new restaurants and new activities. Check Expedia for £20 off activities costing more than £100, use this code: Code: ACTIV1UK for all bookings made between 24 Jan – 13 Feb and for activities happening from now until 30 Apr. Booking a trip to Warner Bross Studios (a really good idea for Harry Potter fans otherwise a bit too pricey in my humble opinion), a day trip to Paris or medieval banquet are just a few which could create unforgettable memories. We visited Medieval Banquet last year and it was pretty ok. The food wasn’t gourmet style but the entertainment and overall experience was nice.

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