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Visit London &Save Money with 241 Passport!

Recently I had a chance to come across an amazing product which will save you a ton of money on dining, attractions, leisure and even spas.

I have been looking for a product like that for  a while, so I am glad someone ‘read my mind’ ;-).

It is called 2-4-1 Passport and is a creation of the company called Entertainer. I dare to say that it is a travel essential! Download the app and make sure you get value for money when you are in London or any other destination where you can use the passport!

So what is 241 Passport? 
It’s an app available on both android and iPhone offering Buy One Get One Free offers from 25 merchants for restaurants, attractions, activities, spas and more in 7 exciting holiday destinations. The app could be used both online or offline. Just make sure you download the app and pay for the access before you set off for your holidays so that you could access all the deals offline when in the holiday destination.

How much does it cost?
$39 (approx £26) for 30 days. Then you can download the app again for another 30 days and so on 🙂 Great value for the money if you are abroad and need just a few deals. For some local deals look for Entertainer voucher book including the best local deals from about 220 merchants from your city.

Which Cities/Countries it covers?
1. London -save over £1,515
2. Cape Town -save over £1,220
3. Dubai -save over £2,600
4. Hong Kong -save over £179
5. Cyprus -save over £1,071
6. Malaysia -save over £906
7. Singapore -save over £866

Which places in London can I save on visiting with Passport?

  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not
  • Brit Movie Tours (Harry Potter Walk &Sherlock Holmes Walk)
  • The London Bridge Experience
  • & London Rib Voyages

2-for-1 on main courses at:

  • The Bull Steak Expert,
  • Patara
  • Tapas at Salvador & Amanda
  • Cabaret evening at Privee of Knightsbridge.
  • Relax with beauty treatments at Cucumba or Spa London.

See typical savings per city per weekend (to zoom in press CTRL+ once you have clicked on the img)
2-4-1 infografic

So download the app , pick the location and save money.
Maximise on enjoying more for less when you are abroad!

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