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What You Need To Know When Choosing A Safe Online Casino

As you remember I occasionally do match betting. I don’t encourage any of you to gamble but consider to check matched betting if you go for a bit more adventurous tax-free oney making ideas. This post is talking about choosing a good casino online in general but the advice applies to match betting too.

What You Need To Know When Choosing A Safe Online Casino

The online gambling and casino industry is one of the largest and most profitable in the UK, bringing in billions every year

Online gambling may be safer, more heavily regulated and easier to access than ever before, but that does not mean first-time gamblers and seasoned players alike should proceed without caution. 

The history of online gambling is littered with examples of fake casinos, websites with a history of fraud and poor security measures. However, there are plenty of legitimate sites out there, you just need to know how to find them. This guide will outline exactly how you can identify a safe online casino.

Look for official licensing 

Step one when looking for the right online casino — make sure they have a legitimate license to operate. 

This is one of the biggest tells that an online casino or betting site might not be on the level. All the recognised names you see in sports betting ads and YouTube pre-rolls will have this license. 

In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission (full details here) is the primary commissioner of online gambling. A provider with this certificate or logo on their website will have passed rigorous tests and checks to operate legally within the UK.

This is an absolutely essential check you must make sure to conduct prior to creating an account or depositing any cash on one of these online casinos. 

Check for customer reviews

Social proof has emerged as one of the best ways consumers can conduct pre-purchase checks on products and services online. 

Perhaps the most effective example of social proof is customer feedback. 

Take the time to read through reviews for the casino you’re about to use. If they don’t have any, either on their website, hosted by a review platform or across their social media pages that should be a major red flag. Use these reviews to get a grasp of their service and how first-time players are treated. 

Likewise, you should see how casinos and betting sites are thought of by industry experts. Sites such as OnlineCasinos (click here to learn more about the brand) pride themselves on promoting only the best websites in the industry, so if a casino is well-received and promoted there, there’s a good chance you can trust them. 

Some crucial points to look for in customer reviews include:

  • How quickly they respond to customer queries
  • How fast cash can be withdrawn from an account
  • Where their customer base is from (reviews from one country outside the UK could suggest fake accounts)
  • The basic functionality of the website and games
  • Accounts that have reviewed other businesses and services

Research their customer service

Service with a smile isn’t just nice, it’s secure. 

Customer service checks are an underrated way of analysing the legitimacy of any online business, but particularly casinos. 

Take the time to look over the ways in which an online casino can be contacted. You should be able to reach them by phone, email and, potentially, chatbot services. If there’s no quick or clear way to contact a business, it may suggest something more sinister. 

You should also never underestimate the importance of a competent FAQs page. An FAQs page with comprehensive answers and clear guides for new players suggests a business that cares about customer experience and one that is willing to put in the time to develop a quality website — often not the case with scam operations. 

Analyse their selection of games

A safe online casino is one that’s worried about the quality of its games library. 

If a website is only promoting a handful of less than inspiring games, or it’s overall collection seems sparse compared to competitors, try not to be drawn in by exclusive offers and deals. It’s probably not on the level and certainly not an example of fair gaming.

That’s not to say that a casino that’s starting out and only has a small selection of games is absolutely a scam — especially if they possess the proper licencing — but a small library of games can be a sign of a website rushed out to trick vulnerable players. 

Before signing up look into their game library and compare it to a few major websites. If the games look low quality or are poorly-made rip-offs, you’re better off going with the original. 

Do they have comprehensive online security?

While reviews and your own feelings about an online casino are important, sometimes the best way to check whether a website is safe is to analyse its security protocols. 

For an online casino, there are a few factors that suggest it is safe to provide your details. 

  1. A clear privacy policy
  2. An encrypted website (Look for an HTTPS site rather than an HTTP one) — also known as an SSL certificate
  3. A verified trust seal present on the homepage
  4. A variety of payment options including PayPal, recognised banks and even alternative currencies (read about more details on new currencies including Bitcoin)

If a website passes these checks there’s a very good chance they’re safe to share your banking details with. 

There’s often more to an online casino than meets the eye, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. An online casino can surprise you with its great customer service, high quality of games and generous deals. But you have to ensure you’re being safe with your personal details and making informed choices. 

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