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6 Amazing things I did when on my last trip to Poland!

As I am Polish I travel to Poland quite often. There are many reasons for that. The most important one is to spend some time with my parents. Apart from that I usually do some health checks as not only I believe their quality is outstanding but they are also much cheaper than in the UK yet all done privately. I often do some shopping too, as even though the £ is getting weaker I can still get better value for money than when shopping in the UK. So it was a week ago, when I managed to:

  1. Visit an amazing eye doctor. I needed a comprehensive eye test and I did get it in my home city Czestochowa. I must say it was the first time when I got a CD with an image of my eye. The doctor also explained to me what is happening inside my eye when looking at the image. They also carried out a Schirmer’s test– the one I was so keen on, ever since struggling with acute dry eye symptoms (since end of October my dry eye syndrome has been driving me mad). The whole check up last 30min and cost me £30. I cant remember such a great service at Specsavers when I paid £20 for some check up last time…
  1. Visit an amazing dentist. My check up and filling replacement cost me £30 plus £6 for anaesthetic. Pretty good especially that I discovered a new dental practice where the dentist is very diligent, yet thoughtful. I have already booked a next visit, as I have to refresh some of my feelings before I set off on my honeymoon.
  1. Buy some cosmetics totally cheaper than in the UK. I am a huge fan of Rosmann- it’s a network of cosmetic shops popular in Poland and Germany. Last time when there I discovered amazing mascara for 10.99 PLN, which is roughly £2.10 and is as great – if not greater than the one from Rimmel I have used so far.
  1. Visit an aqua park and have a lovely dinner for a fraction of the cost when compared to the UK. I spent my Sunday afternoon in the Tarnowskie Gory aqua park where I got a 2hour ticket for 30 zloty which is £6. I must say it was bit busy and the standard of this place is definitely not as high as in Virgin Gym or Nuffield Gym but you get access to the swimming pools and wellness area the same way as you do there, so it is pretty good as for £6 only, never mind slightly different standard. If you however want to visit a top notch SPA hotel I recommend the best SPA centre in Poland: Irena Eris SPA in Krynica Zdroj. However I am almost sure you wont be able to get anything for £6 there…
  1. Bought medicines for a fraction of their UK price As you learned I suffer from the ‘dry eye’ syndrome so I love to have some drops with me all the time. In the past I used to buy hycosan extra – a bottle of 7.5 ml cost at least £7.99 (eBay) or £10.99 (Boots) in the UK. I decided to save money on my drops and googled Hycosan’s ingredients and found a polish equivalent of it called ‘Hydro Balance’ 2 small bottles, each 5ml cost me 13.99 PLN which is £2.75, so not only I get more but I get it for less. I also managed to get some sea buckthorn – 100ml for 27.99PLN which is £5.49. I love this oil as it protects my immune system and includes many vitamins and micro-elements such as vitamins B, E, F, K, P, folic acid, pro-vitamin A, pro-vitamin D, iron etc. What I love about it the most is the fact that it includes omega-3 and omega-6 which are helping to maintain young look of the skin and bringing the relief if one suffers ‘dry eye’.
  1. See 2 cities in 4 days 🙂 – I had to go to Czestochowa but if you do not have to you can fly directly to Warsaw and stay there, as you can get some health and beauty treatments in Warsaw and still have it all pretty cheap for about £40-£50 spent on flight and transfer cost.


*As I flew to Warsaw on Thursday night (managed to leave work and get to Luton airport n time) for only £9.99 with Wizzair I got a Night Drivers taxi which brought me from Okecie Airport to Wola for only 32 zloty which is £6.4. So flying to Warsaw and getting to my friends flat cost me as little as £17.

**The next day I took a bus from Warsaw to Czestochowa where I stayed at my parents’. Polski Bus cost me only £5. Going back to Warsaw Modlin airport cost me £12.80 and the flight back was £23. So return flight and transfer were at £41 but as said earlier if you do not have to see any particular city getting here is way cheaper. If you want to see another city I recommend Krakow (ensure you take TLK – Tanie Linie Kolejowe – Cheap Railway Trains when traveling between the cities or simply go for InterCity but the price will be much higher).

If you plan a short trip to Poland use Skyscanner or Kayak to see when is the best time to fly and then book an accommodation through Expedia (and get a cashback prior booking to save more) or Airbnb. Alternatively use Couch Surfing if you do not mind mingling with locals and want to learn more from them.

If you are planning a trip to Poland and want to maximise on time, sightseeing and shopping options give me a shout I will be happy to guide you through your options, so that you make the most of it 🙂

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