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How to shop and scan to earn free vouchers

Let me share with you my Shop and Scan review – a super-easy way to earn vouchers absolutely for free! This is my favourite way to earn Amazon vouchers almost effortlessly.

I have been scanning my grocery shopping for 5+ years now. I am taking part in market research called ‘Shop and Scan’ lead by KANTAR. When using Shop and Scan I am able to get at least 60GBP per year. It’s through vouchers from various retailers available through the Shop and Scan Reward page.

What is Shop and Scan Reward?

‘Shop and Scan’ is a marketing research company measuring the purchasing habits of households in the UK. Scanned shopping gives Kantar market information to share with the manufacturers and retailers. They can then understand how popular are the products they produce and sell. That’s how we know that everyone in the UK is obsessing about supplements or turmeric at the moment or that LIDL & ALDI have more customers than ever before…

How do you join Shop and Scan Reward?

You can join this program for free by an invitation. I got my participation code sent by Kantar by post. You may get onto it when registering at https://www.volunteer4panels.com/ but there is no guarantee your application will be accepted. It’s because they try to keep the poll of their Shop & Scan surveyors balanced across the UK. This means you may be accepted later if at all.

Is everyone eligible to join Shop and Scan?

ALmost anyone can join the Shop and Scan Reward program.

However, if you work in marketing or advertising or belong to a rival Nielsen research programme you won’t be able to join. Your application will be rejected based on not adhering to the basic criteria of participation.

There are also a few other restrictions worth double-checking ahead of joining Shop and Scan, these are:

  • You should not register using someone else’s Invitation Number.
  • You should enter the Invitation Number exactly as shown (no spaces at either end).
  • You should not register using a work PC.
  • You cannot register using an Apple Mac.
  • You cannot register using Windows 95 or Windows 2000.
How to shop and scan to earn free vouchers
How to shop & scan to earn free vouchers

How do you start your scanning journey?

After becoming a member of the Shop and Scan consumer panel you will receive a small device to scan your shopping. The device is called  – The Clicker. This is a barcode scanner that you will use when unpacking your shopping:-) 

You will also get a Shop and Scan starter pack. It will explain what and how to do and in which order but it is as simple as shown below:

How does the shop&scan work
How Shop & Scan works

Once you scanned all your shopping you log in to your account and transmit the bar codes. You need to connect your Clicker to your PC or laptop and upload yours till receipt image(s). The cut-off day is Sunday by midnight. Although usually, they extend it by Monday.

Why to start Shop and Scan?

Shop and Scan enroll each member in their Reward Points Programme to thank you for your participation. They do credit each shopping data submission when giving you:

  • 1100 points for uploading the barcodes
  • and 500 for the scan of the receipt(s)

They also offer regular credit points in exchange for your participation in the ShopandScan surveys. They are actually a nice way to boost the points. Your Reward Account (to which you log in after registering to the program) displays the points balance. There is also the information on how many points you need for a particular brand voucher

How can you spend the shop and Scan Reward?

Your points can be either donated to a charity of your choice ( Cancer Research, NSPCC Donation or UNICEF) or exchanged for online or offline vouchers. I usually go for Amazon vouchers. However, you can get vouchers to many high street shops. Shopandscan has available vouchers for Agos, Google Play, H&M, Halfords, Miss Selfridge, Virgin and many more.

Occasionally you get access to competitions and prize draws as well as other member benefits. For example, you get asked to take some short surveys for some additional points. They occasionally request sharing your weekly food diary for extra points. I was invited to some food diary surveys in the past and earned 20,000 points in less than a few minutes. So this is yet another excellent way to boost your points balance and get the vouchers quicker.

How much can you earn towards your free vouchers?

Ultimately every week you can get up to 1600 points.

This translates into 76,800 points in a year (1,600*48 ). I use 48, not 52 weeks as you may pause the programme when you are on holiday or ill/not shopping.

Every 10,000 points = £10 voucher. With that you can earn up to £76 per year or even a bit more if you do the surveys or share food diaries. 

It looks like Shop and Scan allows you to earn around £60-£80 per year. It’s a nice way to earn extra tax-free money with minimal effort.

The information you share with Kantar is confidential and they never release any of it without your permission. I have never received any emails or services from third parties as a result of my KANTAR research membership, so there are no risks when doing ‘Shop and Scan’ submissions.

If however you aren’t still  convinced here are some more reviews of ‘Shop and Scan’: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.shopandscan.com

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