Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Tesco Clubcard Boost Changes – January 2018

Tesco Clubcard Boost Changes January 2018

Tesco Clubcard Rewards Scheme Changes I shop at Tesco & have a Tesco Clubcard – and always encourage Tesco shoppers to get theirs too. For many years I have been spending my Clubcard points using their Boost scheme, which meant that I was able to get at least 4 times …

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Budget Planner Perfect for 2018 – Kakebo – from Japan to UK

2018 Budget Planner

2018 has just started and potentially every other person is trying to come up with NY resolutions. I don’t normally do that as IMHO you can try to change/learn/travel/save money etc every month. You don’t need to wait till the beginning of the new year to start changing things..every moment …

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Asda Price Guarantee Explained

ASDA price guarantee

What about is Asda Price Promise? Asda Price Guarantee receipt checker can be used to get money back if your food shop at ASDA was 10% more expensive than Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose. You might have noticed that many supermarkets have price promise or price guarantee. Asda have the Asda …

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Unwanted Christmas Gifts – Turn them into Cash?

Perhaps the gifts you’ll get for Christmas that you aren’t particularly keen on aren’t top of your list of festive things to consider right now, but every year, thousands of unwanted Christmas gifts are simply thrown into landfill. Not only is this harmful to the environment, but there is some …

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Black Friday & Boxing Day: Is It All it’s cracked up to be? – Part 2

post black friday experiment

In a previous blog post I teamed up with Ingenico ePayments to see if Black Friday discounts are  genuine.   For this retail experiment I considered everything I think I could possibly need for 2018 and live-tweeted the Black Friday discounts on the selected items.     From CURRYS I could have saved almost £650.89 on Black Friday purchases versus the very same purchases done today ( for essential items such as a fridge freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, hoover, and a HD television)  Amazon Black Fridays deals on electronics and household goods.would have saved me £133.09 when comparing the prices of the very same items today on 8th of December.. John Lewis’ shopping prices between Black Friday …

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Raw Turmeric Shots from The Turmeric Co – Review

Turmeric shots review

 More and more people are discovering the unique properties and health benefits of turmeric. And so am I and as you know I ride a motorcycle all year round so staying healthy especially in the cold weather is really important to me. Secondly I treat my body as a ‘temple’ …

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