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My name is Martyna Sroka-Lalewicz aka Money Saving Girl, I live and work in London. I like finding money-saving deals and offers. I try to test the deals and offers and share my money-saving tips with you, so you can have more for less and be happier 🙂

Facts about me:
– I am Polish, I was born in Częstochowa– south Poland.
– I hold MA in International Relationships but I do SEO on a daily basis for one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK
– I haven’t spoken in English until I was 23 years old when I moved to London and took a plunge with learning the language and a few other things
– I learned how to ride a bike on 2, not 4 wheels at age of 4 and 25 years later I discovered that I love to ride a motorcycle as well…

– I LOVEthe PLANET and try to be as ECO-FRIENDLY as much as I can 🙂

– In my free time, I read and travel

– I am an IDEALIST…

My Credo:
Nothing is impossible, some things are just a bit harder to achieve but if really want something you will get it 🙂

In October 2017 I donated my all advertisement earnings received up to date from this blog to my friend’s daughter operation,  I also donate to Just Giving and Cancer Research on a monthly basis and volunteer 🙂

I love helping people and I wish the world was a BETTER PLACE hence the reason Money Saving Girl exists.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as well.

Feel free to email me should you have any question or ideas regarding saving or earning money or should you wish to cooperate with me 😉

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