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My name is Martyna Sroka-Lalewicz aka Money Saving Girl, I live and work in London. I like finding money-saving deals and offers. I try to test the deals and offers and share my money-saving tips with you, so you can have more for less and be happier 🙂

Facts about me:
– I am Polish, I was born in Częstochowa– south Poland.
– I hold MA in International Relationships but I do SEO on a daily basis
– I haven’t spoken in English until I was 23 years old when I moved to London and took a plunge with learning the language and a few other things since moving here 🙂
– I learned how to ride a bike on 2, not 4 wheels at age of 4 and 25 years later I discovered that I love to ride a motorcycle as well…

– I LOVE the PLANET and try to be as ECO-FRIENDLY as much as I can 🙂

– In my free time, I cook, read and travel

– I am an IDEALIST…always happy to help those in need!

Nothing is impossible, some things are just a bit harder to achieve but if really want something you will get it 🙂

In October 2017 I donated my all advertisement earnings received up to date from this blog to my friend’s daughter operation,  I also donate to Just Giving and Cancer Research on a monthly basis and volunteer 🙂

My life has changed forever on 2.12.18 and since then I started supporting pancreatic cancer research. We have amazing specialists in the US and UK trying to come up with some amazing treatments. I do trust prof Wang and his team from Coventry University are onto something with their disulfiram IVs. Time will tell…

Every November we have Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, so I try to fundraise for Pancreatic Cancer UK charity. I dislike running but hey I hated more to see what PanCan does to the suffering from this awful illness, so that’s the least I can do now! Fight, hope and love – always! TOGETHER WE CAN? ?- feel free to help me help the pan can patients, they NEED US!

I love helping people and I wish the world was a BETTER PLACE hence the reason Money Saving Girl exists.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (@moneysavinggirluk/) as well.

Feel free to email me should you have any question or ideas regarding saving or earning money or should you wish to cooperate with me 😉

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Thank you, Martyna


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