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7th Heaven House Party – Beautiful Day in London

The first Saturday of the month was a really interesting day for me as I had a chance to visit a bit unusual house party.  It was 30th birthday of a brand called 7th Heaven, a company producing amazing facial masks.

During the event I was able to play some ‘old school’ arcade games as PacMan, prepare my very own face masque:

Preparing a face mask with 7th heaven Mixing a face mask with 7th heaven

try lovely chocolate fondue or get into atmosphere of 80thies…It was a truly entertaining event finished with a session of yoga & meditation which allowed me to fully relax.

See the video from the event  below:


chocolate mud mask 7th heaven Coconut Hair Mask

Having tried the mask at home I am a massive fan of the mud masks and especially the chocolate and a mud coconut masks. They smell delicious and are easy to apply and wash off, they also leave my skin better moisturised which is something I am looking for in a good face masque. Another interesting range of mask is a sauna (self-heat)mask which cleans up the skin of impurities. I can also recommend the coconut hair mask which leaves amazing scent on your hair…

You can also try the SPA range, which includes hands, nails and foot masks based on shea butter and oils. I used the nail mask when at work as it dries up quickly and is invisible so I was still able to focus on work when looking after my nails.

Upload your picture when trying 7th heaven products for a chance of winning a free mask at the end of each month!



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