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8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016

I am a big fan of TkMaxx so whenever I go there I end up buying many great things. As Christmas is coming in 83 days it is a good idea to save some money on gifts just now. Noone said buying Xmas gifts a few days before Christmas is a good idea both financially and  when one does not want to be stressed. Thankfully TkMaxx offer such a diversity of things at a great prices that it is easy to start thinking about buying wonderful Christmas gifts just now 🙂8 Christmas Gift Ideas - Christmas 2016

On my yesterday trip to my local TkMaxx I managed to sort out some of my Christmas presents and bought a beautiful bracelet with Swarovski Crystals for only £20:Swarovski Crystals Bracelet

This will make a nice present for my sister alongside the perfume set from Chloe, as she wanted one of them but wasn’t sure which one, so now she will have a chance to try them all and decide which fragrance is the one which suits her the best:

Chloe perfume set

Perfume Set from Chloe tkmaxx

Her daughter will definitely enjoy the toy made by her mum, which was actually bought at  The Works not TkMaxx 🙂

Crafty ToyMy mother in law will definitely enjoy her favourite earl grey  tea in such a lovely yet a bit unusual package : Earl Grey tea in an unusual package

There is also something creative and crafty for my godson, who loves to cook, this may be a great Halloween present though so we will give it to him at the Halloween party his parents are organising soon 🙂

Cookie Kit

The kids will be probably easily entertained with their other present – Captain America Bowling Set from The Works):

Captain America Bowling Set from The Works

Finally I treated myself to a new earrings and some lovely mineral oils rich and paraben free body butterSorrelli Earrings Package

Sorrelli Earrings

Paraben free Body Butter from SHE Aromatherapy


Enjoy your Christmas shopping 🙂 If you start now your December budget will be less stretched and managing Christmas shopping frenzy will become ultimately so much nicer with Christmas presents sorted out in advance.




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