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Black Friday : What and Where to Buy on Black Friday 2016


What&Where to buy Black Friday

With 10 days to Black Friday (25.11)  many retailers started their pre- Black Friday deals.

Amazon is probably one which started bit early as from yesterday there offer various items on sale..and their whole website is about Black Friday :-), their sale ends on 28/11 and they have plenty of deals discounted up to 70%.  I am going to wait and see if they have Kindle Paperwhite on Black Friday offer as £105 is bit too much for me at the moment and it was on sale last year so I stand a good chance of getting it this year a bit cheaper 🙂

So far they only offer refurbished Kindle for £44 from £49 so it is not the best deal ever…so let’s wait until 25/11…

I will be also checking Curry’s, Argos, John Lewis and eBay. I have been thinking about upgrading my laptop, so I may watch Laptops Direct, however for a new Apple phone the best place to call in would be Carphone Warehouse as I would not expect any deals coming directly from Apple sites or shops.


Top 5 Amazon Black Friday deals last year:

  1. Sony PlayStation 4 – refurbished was sold for £199 last year 🙂
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick – was sold for £24.99
  3. Kindle Paperwhite last year Amazon Paperwhite was for £79.99, so I am really hoping this year it will be at the same price or even cheaper.
  4. HD TV’s  – last year Amazon’s bestseller was a 42-inch 1080p LG LCD TV for just £295, this was 40% off its original price. This year I would expect 1080p TVs to get some price drops as this type of screens are dying out.
  5. The Samsung Galaxy S6 – last year sim-free Samsung was sold for for £343.99 on Black Friday.


Amazon Black Friday deals to expect in 2016:

  1. Xbox One
  2. Sony PlayStation 4
  3. Amazon Fire Tablets and TV devices
  4. Amazon Prime membership
  5. Home &  Kitchen


What to do before or on Black Friday?

  1. Whatever you decide to buy on Black Friday do check that item RRP and reviews as often heavily discounted unfamiliar items/brands are not of the best quality ones so better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Ensure you get a cashback if you do buy online.
  3. Purchase only what you need and can afford not because it is cheap!
  4. Do not get crazy about staying online all the day – check out a few shops
  5. and items you have been interested in for a long time so you dont waste the whole day on chasing up items which you dont really need.

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