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Is The Time Key Money Box a Key to Money Saving Success?

What is The Time Key Money Box?

The product is called The Time Key Money Box. This is the new way to save money. The Time Key Money Box is a brand new way of saving, it is a cleverly designed personal saving device. With an innovative time locking mechanism that has been tested thoroughly by our experts. There is enough space inside to hold at least 500 £2 coins, and a lot more notes! All you need to do is fill The Time Key with money and wait for the timer to finish! The Time Key can be locked between 1 and 365 days. The sleek look and design of The Time Key, means it wont look out of place in any room in your house.


Who are The Time Key Inventors?

We are 4 entrepreneurs based in the Worcestershire, England. Adam, Dan, Rhys and Will.

Dan Kelly: Dan is from an engineering background and has transferred his skills in R&D to the development of The Time Key.

Adam Kelly: Having over a decade of experience in sales and business management, Adam has been at the forefront of our marketing campaign.

Rhys West: Rhys is also from an engineering background but possess a different set of skills to Dan, Rhys makes everything Dan designs actually work.

Will Nicklin: Will comes from an IT background, he has set us up with some nice budget software and a way of all accessing the important documents we have from the comfort of our own homes

The Time Key Money Box - money savingWhy they have we developed product?

We all know that saving money is one of the hardest things to do, this has been proven by research The Time Key takes away the willpower. Once you have set the date, your money is locked in until the time expires. There is no manual over-ride to get into it, and due to the design of the coin / note slot you will not be able to get tweezers in there to try and pluck out any coins. The only way in is when the timer ends.

When can you get your hands on a Time Key?

The Time Key is available on Kickstarter from 1st November, so you will be able to purchase one through Kickstarter, we will then get them produced and posted out to you in the new year.

How did the idea come about?

We have come a long way since our initial sketch of how we wanted the TTK to look and feel. Designs have slightly changed over the course of the prototypes.

The idea came about when one of the team was attempting to save for their wedding. The only reasonable way he could stop himself from accessing the money was using a pottery money box – which eventually (after spending £20) on one of them met its bitter end by being smashed in his kitchen, this left nothing but a mess and a cut finger!

So, the idea sprung into his head that it would be easier to have a box that couldn’t be accessed until he had reached a certain time. The hunt began.

It was at this point we realised, this has to exist, and we have to make it happen. We enlisted the help of a couple of local companies, a patent expert, solicitor and Innovate UK. After 8 months of hard work we finally had a working prototype, not quite happy with aspects of the design and wanting it to be perfect we set about on prototype 2. Another 8 months later and we have 3 working prototypes. We are now at a point where we can share this idea with the world.

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