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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2018 – mother’s day presents which wont cost you much!

With Mother day around the corner (11/03/2018) you still have a good few days to get some nice presents for your mum, more importantly you can get some really nice gifts which wont cost you an arm and leg. This post contains affiliate links.

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas - 2017

1.Flowers + a gift card this combination will be perfect for mothers who have it all or are rather fussy in what they like and would prefer to get on their own rather than receiving a gift…Some may say it is not that thoughtful…but I’d call it practical. Now here is how to save on flowers:

– For flowers money saving deals and discounts install a Chrome extension called Pouch and whenever you arrive on a florist website you will see a pop up informing you if they offer vouchers and which ones :-). If I was to buy a lovely bouquet I would go to TopCashback Bloom & Wild page to get 14% of cashback and then I would still try to get 20% off at Bloom & Wild thanks to Puch (although I am unsure if Pouch will override TCB here, worth checking which one gives you a bigger discount and using that one  just in case..)and then 10% off with a code CC340 or when subscribing to their newsletter.

– For gift cards deals and discounts see the latest discounted gift cards at Card Yard 🙂

– It coukld be a good idea to use O2 Priority app and check it for any meal out deal or entertainment one to treat your mum that way 🙂

2. Fragrance – plenty of shops offer deals on perfumes. My favourite shop to check the latest deals is usually Fragrance Direct, currently they offer many mothers day gift ideas and offers. If you have NUS card why not to check fragrance and cosmetics deals at your Superdrug ?

3. Jewellery & Cosmetics

  • Jewellery – get a ‘Mum’ necklace made with crystals from Swarovski. There are plenty of fantastic jewellery deals to be had at AliExpress.
  • Cosmetics- if your mum is over 40 or 50 she will most likely enjoy the latest Boots No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action serum. My mum tested many creams and she was really amazed by this one.  You can get it at Boots for £27 – for 30ml or £35 – for 50 ml. But why to spend so much when you can get if on eBay for as little as £12 -for 30ml or £15 – for 50ml and you can get 1% of cashback on the top on your purchase if you arrive on eBay again via TopCashBack :-).  Check out also the latest deals at Body Shop as they offer 30% off your shopping there when you use a code: 19807.
  • This year I am going to buy some OLAY cream – probably from myself as my mum will get this nicely discounted LOREAL pot.

4. Quirky presents– why not to give your mum star projection clock/relaxation sound machine? You can either get it at TESCO – do not forget to use your Clubcard to get some points on the purchase or at Prezzybox. The price is the same at both places – £19.99

5. Experiences – why not to treat your mum to a massage or some beauty treatment? Check out if there are any last minute deals on Treatwell. If you would rather take your mum out why not to get some cash back on dining out? If you bank with Halifax take an advantage of their cashback offers, (remember to activate the offer before going out – you can do it online or using your banking app) currently you can choose from getting some money back at :

Halifax Cashback Offers

Ah I almost forgot – if you are a member of Vitality ensure you check the SPA day offers from their partner Champneys as you can treat your mum in an amazing place for a fraction of the original SPA day cost 🙂

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