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How to Organise Perfect Wedding in Poland Stress-Free

How to organise wedding in Poland

Today is the 8th of April – 301 days since I became MRs. My husband – Mike, family and friends know how important a number 301 is to me. Having worked ‘with the websites’ I become obsessed about using http response codes as ‘simple answers’ or my fav method of describing some events/situations… Mike’s first Valentine card to me was all written in HTTP response codes

I already knew on that day that he will become my husband one day 🙂 Guess what, he did even propose to me on 3.01 (you see 301 is even here) and my engagement ring stone weight is 3.01g too 🙂 Ok I should probably stop diverting too much, else you won’t carry on reading this post-:-) And I promise the ret is not about 301, well not entirely 🙂

The best day of my life happened to be on 11/06/2016 when after almost after a year of planning we both said ‘ I do’ 🙂

Michal and Martyna Big dayMike and Martyna Timeline

It took us 10 months to find the venue and secure any other wedding service we wanted to have on our big day.

As our families live in Poland we did hire a venue in a place close to my city – Częstochowa. We had romantic castle ruins behind the venue so it was an amazing scenery for our big day!

Castle Ruins Wedding Venue
Photo Credit: Michal Gajzner

A few days before the wedding Mike discovered my secret when digging out the personalised labels on the vodka I bought for the reception ages ago.

Personalised vodka labels
Photo Credit: Guy Corbishley

We were very lucky with all the services we found to facilitate our special day. For example beautiful flowers for me, bridesmaids and Mike suit were from a lovely florist from Galeria Jurajska (Clivia).

My wedding dress was a bargain too, purely due to the fact that I had flown to Poland in October 2015 and happened to visit my first wedding dress shop at the time for their ‘old collection sale’ – as I didn’t give a monkey about which collection was my dress was coming from I was able to get a dress reduced from 3,690 PLN to 1,690 PLN, which went up to 1,990 PLN with the price covering small amends and a refresh wash. Quite astonishing saving of 46% 🙂

As a proper lover of 301 I requested my beauty salon to do my french manicure including a mention of it, they also did my make up which was amazing too 🙂 Hence I would recommend these beauticians to everyone!

301 on nails

We were lucky to have the venue largely decorated by the owners (as it does look as good as it did by default, so we didn’t really have to decorate it anymore) I did prepare some more personalised decorations/elements which were placed in the venue. This cost me literally a few quid and was a nice touch IMHO. Amongst them, there were the table stickers with guest names and the table map. I also put Mike’s and mine bio with our pictures on the bar🙂

301 on the newlyweds table
Photo Credit: Guy Corbishley

The tables used numbers which held certain significance to us, e.g our table was, yeah you can guess 301 but other numbers were : 3 (our proposal date was 03/01/2015), 8 (Mike and Martyna met on 08/09/2013 for the first time ), 12 ( Mike and Martyna emailed each other for the first time on 12/08/2013), 25 (25/01/2014 they are officially an item) and 14 as their first V’Day was a bit bonkers since they wanted to surprise each other so much that they both went to surprise each other in their offices – both at the same time meaning when Mike arrived to Martyna’s office she was actually arriving to his…what a lovely couple, no? Now 301 days into the marriage Martyna is usually able to work out Mike’s top secrets closer to the event date…some things never change…

There was also a special figurine I bought for our wedding cake as of course, it fitted my vision….for which I also needed to find and print and fold a paper model of my hubby to be car Toyota GT86…it was with us on our day too just in a 1:17 format! We also had the special wine glasses we bought especially for this occasion:-) –> Can you spot them on the picture above?

Funny things happen on your big day as for example you become so stressed that you cant place your contact lenses yourself…so when I was on my way to the beauticians I had to pop into the first optician I saw on my way asking for an emergency contact lenses fitting help…how awkward…pro tip if you aren’t a daily lenses user and as us get a FREE trial from Specsavers do wear the lenses for at least a week getting used to their quick fitting so unlike me you do not end up at the opticians on the big day…
The church ceremony was set out to start at 5 pm so we set off from my home at around 4 pm. We were stopped by 4motorcycles – ‘bramka’ no 1 and the only one in fact. They followed us to the church where we arrived around 4:40. As we had some time we took some pictures with them next to our venue and set off back to church.

Motorcycles and bride and groom

My dad brought me to the altar 🙂

The mass was beautiful thanks to a great sermon the priest says and thanks to the violin music accompaniment – one of the surprise gifts we received from my sister.

Mr & Mrs
Photo Credit: Michal Gajzner

Our friends started soap bubbles show as we were leaving the church. We all went to the venue to party. Our first dance was magical as our DJ prepared some dry ice smoke, which wasn’t expensive yet created such an amazing atmosphere … check it out:

Mike and Martyna first dance
Photo Credit: Guy Corbishley

Then the REAL party started and yet again I decided to give it a more personal touch by going beyond and above and breaking the polish tradition of not having a speech…Yes, I decided to say my speech for Mike and he said his version afterward…

We also had a ‘Thank you’ video for our parents which we directed in Greenwich Park sometime in April…we also decided to dedicate one song for our mums and another one for our dad’s. Then sisters got their dedications too.

At around 23:30we see the wedding cake appeared. Everybody loved it as it was truly light n delicious and many people asked for some more…

Wedding Cake
Photo Credit: Guy Corbishley

Then we partied as there was no tomorrow…

Everything was fabulous, well maybe apart from the fact that Mike and I, we were all over the place so the party seemed to be passing by rather quickly… Way too quickly as for my liking…or maybe it is me as I always want to cherish amazing moments and capture them forever…

Item Price in PLN
Civil Partnership Registry 84
Church Ceremony 500
Wedding Bands 6500
Church Decor 500
Wedding Dress 1990
Bride Shoes 175
Mikes Suit (Keneth Cole) 1650
Groom shoes 300
Hair + Make up (2x make up + maincure) 300
Invitations 85
Table Names 89
Flowers 170
Venue 15500
Wedding Cake &Cake 1080
Photographer 3500
Video 2200
Vodka 955
DJ 3400
Organist 150
Soft Drinks 200
Wine 240
Guests B&B (30 people) 2160
Wedding Car (friend’s car) 0
TOTAL in PLN 41,728
TOTAL in GBP (1GPB=5PLN) 8,345.6

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