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Zeek Review: How to Save Money on Almost Everything You Buy

You usually got to the shops and buy things with cash/ debit or credit cards but wouldn’t it be great to save some money with a card which could save you in some cases up to 30% of the total shopping spent?

It is possible and I am not talking about using bank cards here, although if you are not using gift cards you may as well get some decent cashback offered by your debit or credit card provider. Banks such as Halifax of Santander offer a variety of cashback deals for many popular retailers, e.g. at the time of writing this article you can get 10% of cashback on your grocery shopping at Morrisons if you pay for it using your Halifax debit or credit card (once you have activated your cashback offer). If you do a big weekly shopping for let’s say £50 you will get back £5 off it, so it is well worth it.

But in this post, I actually want to talk about discounted gift cards as they can save you even more on your shopping.

Recently I came across Zeek – they have a website & an app which is a marketplace for discounted gift vouchers & gift cards.

Below is my Zeek review – enjoy 🙂

How does Zeek work?

All you need to do is to sign up on the website/app. If you use my referral code you will get free £3 credited to your account soon after signing up.

You can sign up via Facebook, Twitter, Google account or simply when setting up an account using your regular email.

Once you have signed up you can look for two types of discounts: online and in store. I did try to get both.

I treated my friend to a nice takeaway from HungryHouse on her birthday (she has got small kids so she was not able to go out that night), having paid for the card £46 I received a discount code for a gift card worth £50 which was enough for 2 couples dinner (all I had to do to use the card was to copy & paste the discount code from the Zeek card when on HungryHouse website at the time of placing my order). This saved me 8% of the spent which is more than if I was to get a cashback via Topcasback (at the time of writing it was 6.3%)

As I am a big fan of TkMaxx, I decided to try the in-store discount card as well. When buying a card for £50 (Christmas is coming soon so the card will be used quickly…) I paid only £46.40 which saved me 7% of the spent.

Using Zeek I spent the money I was going to spend anyway but thanks to the discount and gift cards I was able to save £7.60. This may seem not to be a huge amount but I think it is great as, after all, it is FREE money on the purchases I was planning to do anyway. I call it shopping optimisation 🙂

You may not go for a certain retailer but sort the discounts by the highest amount of savings – that may help when you will look for gift ideas for Christmas shopping:

Check which of your favourite retailers can be found on Zeek. Shop, optimise your spend and save money 🙂

Ah, Zeek allows you also sell unwanted gift cards. SO if you have any you can advertise them on their website.

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