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Shopmium Review – The Quickest Paying Cashback App Ever

Shopmium App Review

I love Shopmium App – its simple to use and quick when getting the cashback earned. Furthermore, it features various products, so one can save on novelty items or regular products.

So how does Shopmium work and why should you download the app?

I suppose the video explains how it works nicely. If you are unable to watch it I will run you through it below.

  1. Get the Shopmium app from the app store (it works on both Apple and Android 🙂
  2. Use my Shopmium referral code: 25t4y when setting it up – that way we both will get a small present
  3. Check the offers to see if there are any interesting for you products to buy
  4. When in shop and uncertain if that particular product is on the offer simply check its eligibility when clicking on’ check product eligibility’
  5. If you see a green this it means that is exactly the product accepted for a cashback by Shopmium
  6.  Buy the product(s) and save you the recipe
  7. Scan the product barcode and submit a picture of the recipe
  8. Sit back and relax your cashback will be processed quickly – its usually done within 24hours
  9. Expect the money paid in directly to your account
Shopmium App Review
Credit: thecouponingcouple.com

Top tips:

If you have your location on you will see if the supermarkets in your location offer the products listed in the Shopmium app. Sometimes some products are exclusive to a certain supermarket so double-check that before buying the item to avoid disappointment. When clicking on a map within the app you should get the closest to you supermarkets selling an item in question, as sometimes the closest to you supermarket may not have the product on the offer in stock.

You can maximise savings if you and your partner or members of a family have the Shopmium app installed on their devices as well as it simply means more products for less :-)–> ensure you refer anyone using your referral code.

Both bank account and PayPal can be used to receive the payment. Both work equally fast. The money is in your bank account or PayPal within 24hours of the purchase. This is a significant change as most other apps and websites grant toy your earnings once you reach a certain threshold. Not Shopmium as you will get the money automatically transferred into your account within a day after approval.

I must warn you some of its products are the ones I d never buy in spite of the fact that there is nothing wrong with trying a new item or brand (of course that’s why they are offering the discount), but this can tempt you to spend more money than you need to. Remember your goal here is to save money not spend it 🙂

The other pitfall is that you cant use Shopmium with conjunction with any other discount offer but I managed to use it to get discount at Waitrose when paying with my coupon (spend £10 to save £8) this meant that I spent really little during that shopping trip.

All in all Shopmium is a great way to get the advantage of coupons without all of the trouble of collecting the coupons and finding them in the checkout line.

Enjoy the app and let me know about your experience with it in the comments 🙂

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