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What to pack on a three week honeymoon trip to Asia

1st week of April 2017- we finally finished our preparation for the honeymoon break. It’s quite hard to know what to take to Asia for three weeks hopping holidays. We set off to

    • Chiang Mai (Thailand),
    • Luan Prabang (Laos)
    • and Siem Reap in Cambodia, so we will change hotels and fly in and out during our first 10 days
    • then we get to our week long relaxing stay in Koh Samui
    • and finally visit Bangkok for the last three days before we get back to London.

Luckily with the plethora of blogs out there after a few minutes everything become holidays, so my past experience didn’t really apply here.

As my husband already owns Kriega 25  we started from buying one more Kriega rucksack as we have been using one of those when motorcycling, so we know that those rucksacks are amazing as ts clear and then your own experience verifies if those travel bloggers were actually right. So far I have been to Africa and Australia when traveling far away to the more exotic places than Europe but those were less of backpacking types ofhey have straps across your chest, so carrying them fully packed is easy, they are also waterproof, which is really important when you travel across Asia throughout the wet season. We got me Kriega 20  – a bit smaller 20l rucksack. No, it was not too little! Having said that I am a minimalist and I like useful things which often can serve more than one purpose…

So here we are the full list required on a  3 week holidays in Asia consist of:

What to pack on 3 week honeymoon trip to Asia?


1. Comfortable sandals and flip flops

I bought my sandals from Merells & that was a fantastic choice as I have never had such a comfortable shoes.  I was happy to get my havaianas flip flops from TK MAXX for £ 12.99 – but you cant the flip flops while in Asia for way cheaper, but mind you the quality mat be not as good as you would expect from a bit more expensive flip flops.

These two pairs of shoes are sufficient for the whole trip unless you want to hike then you probably will also need some shoes covering the ankle.

2. Microfibre Travel Towel – you know the small one which dries up quickly. In case you wonder why do you need it – you will take it on some day trips where often you get a chance to swim in waterfalls or rivers etc. Also even though your hotel may give you towels those will be for when you shower so a travel towel will sort you out around the swimming pool area. I got my for a few £ ina  local LIDL but I am sure you can find plenty of them on Amazon or eBay 🙂

3. Power Bank – most Asian countries tries offwr WiFi so if you are to use it a lot a power bank will come really handy. Also in order to charge your mobile some hotels electricity operates when the key is inside the room in the key dock, so it means overnight charge is the only possibility.

4. Camera & a spare camera battery – yet another life saver when out and about. We bought a nice Lumix just before our holidays and now having used it I must say the quality of the pictures is quite good.

5. USB & normal charger in one – this little gadget will allow you to charge more than one item while having to bring only one adaptor.

6. Adapters – the plugs in Asia are like plugs in continental Europe. So I took one of the adapters I take when going back to Poland and one I which can be used around the world (I bought it before my trip to Oz).

7. Clothes :

– 2 short sleeve t-shirts

– 5 tank tops

– 2 pair of shorts

– 1 long trousers

– 1 linen shirt with a long sleeve

– 1 dressand I bought a lovely maxi dress in Thailand (I was really missing a long dress as I realised many temples are rather strict so having a long thin dress is generally speaking helpful)

– 1 beach caftan

– 1 sarong ( I got my on eBay: http://ebay.eu/2r1hJND – I couldnt do without it in many places, so this piece of clothing was vital during my trip)

– 2 bikinis

– 2 bras

– 5 pair of knickers

– 1 pair of socks (in case you get cold on the flights)

– flying knee tights

– 1 cardigan

– 1 pair of leggings

– sports bra

– hat

Cosmetics :

– shower gel (I took some as I used some of it to do quick washes)

– shampoo

– toothpaste, toothbrush & dental thread

– eyedrops

-lipbalm with UVA & UVB protection

– sunscreens/sunblockers – we tested Nivea non greasy spray and Garnier aerosol mist spray (my fav one – ensure you rub it in not just spray onto yourself):

-face wash &  mascara (I took my free samples which I did receive in the past via latest free stuff)

– moisturizer (face & body)

– hair bands

– nail file

As it turns out the above list even though may seem to be pretty minimalist was sufficient for me. Ok I did wash a few pieces of clothing here or there but mainly because I liked to wear a certain top/ dress more frequently than others…

Pro trip: if you start your trip from Chiang Mai you will be happy to take less clothing from the UK and buy* some over in Asia as some shorts or long pants cost in a region of 100-250THB which is £2.4-£6.

They also sell shirts for as cheap as 50THB (£1.2)… You do have to like elephants patterns though as majority of clothing here contains those lovely animals printed all over the clothes.

When in Chiang Mai I bought:

– a hat – 160 THB

– shorts and a long pants (100+240THB)

– some knitted presents for kids in our family e. G hats, shoes – baby girl cotton dress (160THB) – tiger balm

* BEWARE the best night markets are held on Saturday and Sunday nights otherwise you need to visit Night bazaar and there is a huge difference between items you can get between those places.

Top must buy things in Chiang Mai are:

1. Handmade soap

2. Scarfs /shawl from Thai silk

3. Handmade stationery (notebooks)

4. Wood carvings

5. Thai clothing

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