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What to Watch during Coronavirus Self-Isolation

You’re staying home due to social distancing caused by Coronavirus and you need a distraction. I am hoping to give you some feasible ideas for interesting uplifting movies as well as thought-provoking documentaries. Most of use either Netflix of Amazon Prime streaming so we may use it more often now while socially limiting your contacts & staying with your family.

1. Catch up with the iconic series

It’s a good opportunity to catch up with shows streamed on Netflix everyone was talking about in the last FEW YEARS and I have never watched to start with Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Suits, Black Mirror or Russian Doll…or maybe finally will watch the latest series of ‘The Man in the High Castle’ although its bit doom and gloom, so unsure if I am up to it right now..

2. Comforting TV Shows to stream for Stressful Times

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-IMDb-8.7-this show won three Golden Globes and 8 Grammy Awards. Its a heartwarming story about unexpected life turns. –> Amazon Prime

2. Begin Again – IMDb-7.4 -degraded music producer spots a new star 🙂 – Netflix

3. Being Erica- IMDb-7.5- Erica Strange is desperate to change her life and takes up an offer from a mysterious therapist. I saw season 1 episode 1 on YouTube so having watched it for free you can find it elsewhere if you like it.

4. Schitt’s Creek – IMDb-8.3 – about becoming suddenly bankrupt and tackling life in new hard settings –> Amazon Prime

5. The Good Place– IMDb -8.2- afterlife used to explain hat it means to be good – intriguing…–> Netflix

6. Lethal Weapon – IMDb-7.6- not your typical cheer up series but still pure fun as 2 totally opposite character cops are fighting the evil for justice 🙂 –> Amazon Prime

7. Eat, Pray and Love– IMDb -5.4- A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage really is, and takes a radical change in direction. simply heartleft 🙂–> Netflix

8. Man Up – IMDB – 6.4- a silly yet funny comedy about fate 🙂 Great creation of Simon Pegg.

3. Good Documentaries – most on Netflix

Gaia TV releases free Transcendence summit – hurry up for free worldwide online screening March 16 – 26, 2020. Its a new docu-series allowing you to radically transform your life & health. Many renowned health experts, so defo worth checking out!

1. Heal– IMDb- 6.4 only – unsure why as it is an uplifting document about the strengths of our own body during a health crisis.

2. Explained – IMDb- 8.0- 30 episodes explaining various topics from the mind through the rise of cryptocurrency to why diets fail…2 seasons of answers to big questions of today.

3. What the Health – IMDB – 7.4 – a fascinating journey of one honest filmmaker to uncover health secrets and complex collusion between industry, government, pharmaceutical and health organizations which keep this information from us.

4. Minimalism – IMDb – 6.7- particularly on time in the settings of a crisis that forces us to rethink our consumption-oriented attitude… Thought-provoking.

5. Fork over knives – IMDb – 7.8 – what a document! It totally changed my views on meat- not that I didn’t feel strongly about it before watching it though. It’s a good film which allows you to reflect on your diet and our planet…

6. Land of Hope and Glory – IMDb – 9.1 – the reality of animal farming for meat in the UK…Available on You Tube for free

7. Eating you Alive – IMDb- 8.1- a document about a connection between US dietary habits and the rise of chronic diseases, from £3.49 on YouTube or Google Play.

8. Hungry for Change – IMDb- 7.5- food industry secrets unveiled, for free on Amazon Prime

9. Food Obsession – IMDb- 7.7 – yet another document on the diet affecting our health… this movie is only available to users of Gaia TV at FMTV.com

10. The true cost– IMDb- 7.7- a document investigating the impact of fashion on people and the planet. or free on Amazon Prime

What to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime during self isolation

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