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Zipvan rental review

Van rental UK & Zipvan rental

We love using Zipvan as it is easy and cheap. Normally van rental in our part of the UK or shall I say London costs around £40-£60 per day depending on the company and van size. But you cant get so much flexibility from those van companies and you usually end up paying extras for insurance/a second driver etc.

We rented van last Friday 16/10/20 as we had to move our spare sofa across London.

Zipvan rentalvs regular van rental
Zipvan rental benefits vs van rental

Why did we go for Zipvan rental?

Mainly because of the amazing amount of flexibility. We finished work at 5pm and were to pick up our van from Woolwich at 6pm. Usually, we ride on one of our motorcycles and park it there for a few hours but this time we drove in our car and did a journey back in both car and van. The traffic wasn’t that bad and we didn’t want to risk our motorcycle to be stolen…

How to book van in the UK and pay nothing?

It’s absolutely possible and surprise surprise if you visit the Zipcar site you will get £25 towards your van hire. We did it the first time and as we needed the van for 2.5 hours it worked out we did hire it for FREE! Skills!

They also offer £25 each month for 6 months if you sign up to Zipcar with Revolut. But I don’t know if that offer works for a van as we didn’t take advantage of it and it feels as if it was directed more at Zipcar rental.

Normally people don’t rent a van for 6 months so the first van discount should be sufficient though.

How to book Zipvan?

Simply go on the Zipvan site and create your account ( you will need to supply them with a driving license image for them to validate your ability to be a member – it’s usually done quickly within 2 hours but sometimes can take up to 2 days if Zipvan needs more information from you). Once your membership is active you get an email informing you about that & you can book your van. You can also download the app and book it from there.

How much does it cost to rent a van from Zipvan?

Usually, an hour for a roundtrip is about £10. extending is £5 per extra 30 mins or £10 per hour. Price it out.

How to check if there are Zipvans near me?

Simply go on the Zipvan site and use their search bar to check where the van is parked near you.

Why Zipvan rental?

  • you save money– you don’t pay for fuel (check if the tank has more than 1/4 of it as else they ask you to fuel it & pay using a card left in the van, if the card has gone walkies you pay using your card and claim the fuel cost back), parking, congestion charge, and insurance – it’s hassle-free van rental
  • rent a van locally – depending on where you live the van can be parked on the walking distance from your home
  • drive a rented van on-demand- flexible and by hour, easy and cheap van rental, I d dare to say potentially the best in your location. We know that driving in London can be tricky with all the congestion but with zip van you can rent the van late at the evening /night or super early to beat the traffic.
Zipvan rental review benefits
Benefits of renting zipvan

Is fuel included in my Zipvan rental?


However, it’s wise to check how much fuel you have in the tank left as you need to return the van with at least 1/4 of it. So if you get below 1/4 use the fuel card on the side of the dashboard when filling up. Alternatively use your card and send them the recipe for a refund.

Zipvan rental review
Zipvan rental review

How does ZipVar insurance work?

Zipvans are insured. However, you are responsible for a £750 damage fee (£1,000 for higher risk members) per incident, which can be reduced or eliminated with an optional damage fee waiverLearn more.

Can I take my dog to drive Zipvan?

Yes, just ensure the van is in the same condition as it was at the time of picking it up.

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