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10 Money Saving Tips – Spring 2017

Start Your Money-Saving from Home

Most people have trouble saving because they think it only needs to be done with the monthly income, which sometimes is not usually enough. However great saving habits start small. Households present many opportunities to cut back on your spending and put more into your savings account, browse my Pinterest money saving ideas in that area. I love home saving practices as they can help teach children and other family members how to manage their finances since it is never too early. Some ideas such as making your own meals instead of dining out or having a grocery list before shopping are common, but there are other tactics you can try.

10 money saving tips - Spring 2017

  1. Eat Seasonal

Even when you are cooking your own dishes, you can still save by sticking to foods that are in season. Out-of-season vegetables and fruits can be quite pricey, and that cancels out the savings you make by eating homemade. Frozen foods can cost considerably less, and you can get them in bulk.

  1. Keep Recipes Simple

Cooking at home doesn’t mean fancy meals that demand exotic ingredients. Find cookbooks and websites that have uncomplicated recipes that you can use. Alternatively try services such as Gousto (order your dinner here via this link to get £25 off your purchase) or HelloFresh as majority of recipes there are actually uncomplicated and you can always try to cook the recipes with all the ingredients they will send you and if you like it you can always replicate it later when buying relevant ingredients and spices you will use.

  1. Change Filters

It may not seem like it, but your old and dirty filters may be cutting into your home budget more than you realise. Filters in the HVAC system, dishwashers and other appliances need regular cleaning and replacement to increase efficiency. Worn out filters reduce the capacity of your devices, so they work harder than they should, leading to high energy bills.

  1. Check Data Plans

Another area that could be eating up your income is the broadband service you use. Evaluate your current mobile phone and data packages to see if you can save more. If you are going over your data limits, it means you are paying extra every month. It is cheaper to switch to a plan that meets your data usage needs. For minimal users, find suitable broadband plans. According to Martin Lewis you should not spend more on your mobile than £12 per month as you should be able to get a decent allowance for as much as that 🙂 Guess what you can spend nothing on your mobile, check how I did it when reading one of my latest posts.

  1. Bundle Your Broadband Services

Paying for your cable TV, mobile phone and internet services separately can cost a lot of money. With the right broadband provider, you can have all these in one bundle. A majority of providers even have deals for buying bundled packages, which means more savings.

  1. Recycle

Most of the rubbish you throw out can be utilised for something else around the home, which can add to your savings. Wrapping paper, for instance, is useful more than once. You can always  find creative methods of wrapping gifts rather than store-bought paper – I usually go for retro style when using old newspapers 🙂

  1. Run Full Loads on Washers

Running your dishwasher or washing machine when it is not full only wastes water and power. Wait until you can get a full load on the appliances to turn them on. Additionally, using your washers with full loads means that they work fewer cycles, and that boosts their lifespan. I usually run my washing machine on the shortest cycle as well as it not only saves water and energy but the clothes as they do not need to be washed for 1+hour if they are only slightly dirty.

  1. Learn to Sew and how to DIY

Small repairs such as missing buttons, undone hems and holes can cost money when you have to take clothes to the tailor every time. You can avoid that by mending them yourselves as you just need to invest in thread and needle. I usually do the alteration when watching TV 🙂

Besides sewing, learn a few other skills that may help around the house. Knowing how to change a showerhead, install a security light or replace door locks can reduce the money you spend on professional tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians and locksmiths. Look for video tutorials, you will be surprised to discover many DIY resources on YouTube 🙂

  1. Online Coupons

Coupons can cut down your grocery spending significantly. However, instead of buying the newspapers weekly, you can go online and print them from coupon sites. Search for the best places to get deals and capitalise on the various coupons. Try sites like this one to print your coupons. Use GreenJinn App when shopping at Sainsburys or Waitrose or any other cahsback app  of your choice – look for the most suitable one for you – you will be surprised how many of them are out there on the app marketplace…

  1. Start a Home Garden

If your compound allows it, grow a small garden where you can get vegetables and fruits for the family. You only need to buy seeds and dedicate the right care to your garden. For better savings, know which crops to plant. For example, perennials can give you more savings than annual crops because they grow year after year. Growing your own garden makes you eat better as you grow your own vegetables or fruit without use of pesticides so everything you grow is much healthier for you to eat. You can also have air-purifying plants in your garden, those can substitute for artificial air purifiers.

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