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What’s draining your household energy?

Household energy prices went up lately and it is a bit more difficult to save so much as we used to even when switching the utility providers…Nonetheless there are many things one can do to prevent higher energy/heating consumption. The first step is to figure out what exactly is causing your utility bill to soar.

Do you know what is it in your household? I was surprised to find out that I didn’t get most of the answers from the below quiz right…

Whats draining your household energy

Check which household appliances in your home drain your energy.  If you’ve ever left your TV on standby, or used the least efficient wash on your washing cycle, you’ve wasted energy.

More and more people in the UK are taking notice of their energy wasting habits by using energy saving light bulbs and installing solar panels, but our homes are still full of gadgets that guzzle energy like there’s no tomorrow. That is why its good to know what to turn off or use differently than so far:-)

So what’s your energy draining score? OVO energy has created new quiz to test your knowledge. Now you can find out if you’re an Energy Saving Superstar or a Gas Guzzler! Enjoy!

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