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5 things that will get you cheaper car insurance

How to get cheap car insurance - 5 steps

Things that will get you cheaper car insurance

Car insurance is one of those things that you know you need, but you desperately wish that you didn’t, because it can be an extra expense that just topples your already constricted budget. With that said, there are ways to make sure that you get affordable car insurance. Are you interested to know how to pay less on your car insurance? Check out these tips so you can get a better deal.

1.Do your research & include the correct mileage

A very common mistake that people make is the fact that they don’t check the market properly. Just because you know of this one place that can give you a car insurance deal don’t mean that there aren’t more in your area. Peruse the market and make sure you have a good idea of all car insurance offers available for you. This way you can definitely say that you’re going for the best deal, and you aren’t missing out on a major boost in comparison. Ensure you calculate your mileage prior to buying your cover as it is believed it may affect your insurance price. Never leave getting your insurance to the last minute. I work for the insurer and know that renewing your policy (if not switching) 4-5 days before the expiration of the current one is going to be slightly more expensive…

2. Describe yourself appropriately & be honest

In other situations, you might add as much weight as possible to your job description or title, but when it comes to getting car insurance, its best if you keep that title to a minimum. In other words, if you work as a IT administrator, you should just simply call yourself a technician. The logic behind this is that the more departments your job falls under, the more the insurance price will go. Remember whatever information about yourself you share with your insurer it must be HONEST, disclosing untrue information will invalidate your policy. An accurate wording at the time of buying the policy and in the time of making a potential claim is very important too as otherwise you may be paying additional premiums. Carefully describe your profession as some jobs named differently can affect your insurance price too. Check this tool if you need to compare the job titles within your industry but remember be honest.

3.Think about your insurance with plenty of time to spare

The worst thing that you could do is start looking for new insurance a day or two before your current insurance expires. This is because you are going to feel a lot more pressured to accept a deal you’re not totally comfortable with, knowing that you’re running extremely short on time. However, if you start your search with a month or so in advance, you can comfortably say “no” to any offer that is just not what you’re looking for.

4.Remove clauses that you don’t need – & stay away from car modifications

A lot of extra money is spent on clauses that drivers don’t actually need. This is because a lot of them are already part of some other form of insurance. For instance, your travel insurance might already cover abroad driving and some other departments. Also getting those as part of your car insurance just means that you’ll be paying more without actually needing to. The same goes for any car modifications as many insurers wont insure you if your car is much different to what it used to be, or they will but the price may be more expensive too. 

5. Pressure the insurance company

Don’t take an offer at face value. If they offer you something, there’s always room for a little bit of haggling. For instance, if you do your research and find an insurance company that is ready to give you a lower price go to a competitor and tell them about it. Ask them to match it or even go lower, and the pressure might just get to them.

If you struggle with getting a decent car insurance or van insurance how about swapping four wheels for two? I ride a bike and I absolutely love it 🙂

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