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TopCashBack Xmas Treats Answers 2018 – clues & answers?

TopCashBack Xmas Treats – all you need to know!
If you are a reader of my blog you know that I love TopCashBack and always encourage everyone to sign up for it – should they have not done so yet 🙂

Today on 13/12/2018 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Xmas Treats!  Every day they will present us with clues and you have to guess the retailer they mention in the clue. Then all you do is click on the correct retailer to see the TCB Hummingbird flying in (from the top or middle left of your screen). Click on the Hummingbird and you get a chance to win a treat! There are 54,000 instant win cash prizes up to £100, and a fantastic prize worth £2,000 for one lucky winner. If that wasn’t enough, 20 lucky players will also win an additional £100 – simply earn cashback on any of our featured ‘Buy-to-win Bonus’ retailers before 24th December 2018, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning! Check today retailer now.


Daily Clues & TopCashback Xmas Treats Answers:

Day 1- 13/12/2018  – Figleaves I got 1 Gingerbreadman

Day 2- 14/12/2018 – John Greed Jewellery – I got1 PDE

Day 3 – 15/12/2018- Fitflop – 1x PDE

Day 4 – 16/12/2018 – Adidas – 1 PDE

Day 5 – 17/12/2018  – Ernest Jones – 1 Snowflake

Day 6 – 18/12/2018 – Tassimo – 1 PDE

Day 7 – 19/12/2018 – DELL Inspiron Gaming

Day 8 – 20/12/2018 – M&M Direct – 1 x Star

Day 9 – 21/12/2018 – LENOVO

Day 10 – 22/12/2018 – QUANDOO – 1 x Gingerbread man

Day 11 – 23/12/2018 – Casper – 1 x PDE

Day 12 – 24/12/2018 – Nov TV

TCB Christmas Treats Giveaway Tips:

1. Check which retailers are the most popular in the TCB main banner or are trending now to get some more clues and answers:

My other birds….:

20/12/18 P&O FERRIES = PDE

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