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6 Money Saving Tips & Baby Shopping Ideas for Mums to be

Money Saving Tips for mums to be

One of the most rewarding moments of motherhood is finally being able to hold your bundle of joy after months of pregnancy. Nine months may be a long time for some, but for others the entire duration is not enough to set aside money for baby-related shopping.

Money saving does not come easy to some people, but now that you have a baby to consider, it’s a must to know how to stay within your budget. Bringing up a baby is not cheap. Between pregnancy-related medical charges, hospital bills, motherhood indeed is fraught with expenses. Here are money saving tips for the expectant mothers:


1. Know what you are being charged for.

Despite health insurances, you will pay your fair share for miscellaneous fees like telephone usage, central supply materials, and room stay. But while admitted in the hospital, have your spouse or your partner inquire about additional costs you might be accumulating. Some of these you may do without.

2. Hold your horses.

Don’t know the gender of your baby yet? Heard your office mates talking about throwing you a baby shower? Sister flying back to town to personally share her baby-delivery tips? A yes for any of these three is reason enough not to shop for baby stuff yet. Gender determination tests are not that accurate on the first trimester, so you may be buying dresses and tutu skirts for a baby boy. Baby shower guests are expected to bring you surprise gifts. You may be getting another set of a dozen onesies that your newborn will quickly outgrow of. And your sister! She may let you have her son’s playpen. She said it’s taking up a huge space in her garage anyway. What did they say about patience being a virtue?

3. Visit secondhand clothes shops.

A no-brainer way to save money is to shop at yard sales, surplus stores and consignment shops. Babies quickly grow out of their shoes and clothes, so it’s impractical to buy them designer brands. Whatever you buy try to get a cashback from kids friendly sites such as: KidStart or regular cashback sites such as Quidco, TopCashBack or GetPaidTo.

Convertible Playpen.4. Buy ergonomic furniture.

Cribs on the average can be used until your baby’s first birthday. Beyond that he/she would find a way to get out of it. If it is convertible to a toddler’s bed then you will get your money’s worth, like buying two for the price of one. A playpen that transforms into a nappy changing table or a pushchair that can double up as a car seat–these are a parent’s dream. You can also get a crib which will be easily transformed into toddlers bed..Your changing tray could become a great shelf! Changing table can get transformed into a bookcase or a desk :-)Do not forget about getting convertible boogie as well 🙂

5. Stock up on head-to-toe washes, baby food, and insect repellants.

The best time to buy baby products that need stocking up on is when they hit rock bottom prices. Look for coupon deals or wait for sales before purchasing feeding bottles, wet wipes, and diapers.

6. Ask for samples from your doctor or midwife.

When not planning to exclusively breastfeed, head home from your doctor’s/midwife’s practice with samples. By the time you are ready to wean baby off your milk, use the samples first. That way, you know which brand works and which does not before buying its big can version. Having a baby may be expensive, but the joy of being a parent compensates it really☺. Fortunately, there are money saving tricks you can do to care for your baby without spending too much. Keep these savvy strategies in mind to cut your expenses in half.

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