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7 Things you would not think I do…

This post is not about saving money although my thrifty ways may shine through it anyway 🙂

So what are the 7 things you’d not think I do?
1.  Ride a motorcycle

Those who follow me know that I ride a motorcycle. I started at the age of 30 and I do love it loads. Once you live in a such a busy city as London you appreciate other means of transportation than car or public transport much more. And motorcycling gives me so much independence and freedom that’s unbelievable. Plus it saves me loads of money on commuting –> weekly travel card for zones 1-4 cost £188.20 per month if I was to go to central London. Luckily I don’t so it saves me around £70 and LOADS of time 🙂

My R3

2. Visit Charity Shops
I do not buy loads of clothing but when I do buy clothes it is often in charity shops. Two of my favorite pieces of clothing come from there. I believe its rather nice to help the people in need when buying from such outlets.
3. Optimise everything
I believe I must have been German in ‘my past life’ as I am as organised as the majority of that nation 🙂 I always have a PLAN and usually stick to it. I use MySupermarket to optimise my shopping, Citymapper to understand which part of the carriage to take if I happen to take the train or tube, Life360 to welcome my partner opening him the garage when he returns from work 🙂 etc.
4. Spend £0 on my mobile
I do spend nothing on my mobile as I convinced TalkTalk to keep my SIM for FREE when they initially gave it to me for 12 months as a gesture of goodwill following the cyber attack they were a victim of in October 2015. I save that way at least £120 per year 🙂
5. There is an app for that
If you ever wonder if something can be done I will most likely have an app for that. I am known to my friends to own the weirdest yet wonderful apps which we have out there. Have you considered meditating using an app? Tracking your motorcycle journeys to the slope angle?
Finding discounted food in the city after peak hours? Getting 241 deals in London?
6. Buy a book if  I am really in need
Again my friends laugh at my ‘research’ approach to life. Two of the weirdest books I have on my shelf are: ‘How to relax’ by Thich Nhat Hanh because I literally need a book to find out that (!) and ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider’s Handbook to Better Motorcycling’ by Phillip Coyne because I still hope to learn how to corner from it….
7 things you'd not think I do
7. I do have a soft spot for MET
I actually went through all the tests to become PC to realize I would like to swap that for SPC…oh boy…However in 2019 I realised there are actually more meaninful ways to help people not necessaily when being a policewoman..

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