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5 Birthday Freebies I got – How I spend nothing on my bday yet had fun

I dislike very much my birthday as I am getting older…since the process is irreversible the greatest joy I am getting on that day is from the multitude of gifts I am getting for FREE.

Amazing birthday freebies
Birthday freebies UK

On my last birthday (30 of December) I enjoyed a few of them..

Free Coffee

My morning coffee ☕ came from Greggs – once you download their REWARDS app you will be notified about your FREE coffee and it will appear on your app for you to claim. The coffee was complemented by a free cupcake ? from Patisserie Valerie.

Free Cosmetics

Body Shop applied a £5 credit to my account for my bday already on the 14th of November yay…

So I paid a visit to the Body Shop to buy a lovely lipstick, shower gel and hand cream for the £5 I got from them 🙂

Free Lunch

We then had a lunch which was entirely for FREE, as before leaving the house I also boosted my ClubCard points and exchanged £7.5 worth of vouchers for £30 worth of codes to Pizza Express. And I also got a free bottle of wine? from them – thanks to the code they emailed me ( you can get either prosecco, wine, or beer).

Free Cookie

I decided to pick up my free cookie from Subway once I am back at work, so in the first week of January as their freebie is valid until the end of the month, so plenty of time for me to get it:-)

These were just the freebies I go thanks to the newsletters sign-up/app downloads I did before my birthday but there are many more sites/shops/ places offering you fantastic birthday freebies on a special day. All you need to do is to check if the place in question offers freebies for your birthdays and then sign up for their newsletter or download their app.

Free Cinema Tickets

Ah later in the evening we went to the cinema – entirely for FREE thanks to the Lloyds free cinema tickets :-)–> more about getting any of the Lloyds Club account perks here.

Other Birthday Freebies

Some more birthday freebies include:

  • free doughnut at Krispy Kreme
  • a free treat at Greeg’s
  • free chocolate at the Hotel Chocolate
  • Free Pint at Brewhouse & Kitchen
  • Ed’s Easy Diner Free Milkshake
  • Free Smoothie/Juice @Boost Juice
  • Free Burrito @Barburrito

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  1. Great post Martyna! Glad you got to enjoy your birthday the way you should! All free with lots and lots of yummy food! Who knew there was so many freebies out there to enjoy? (excuse me while I quickly sign up to all of these haha).