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Black Friday 2017 Deals and Retailers Info

Retailer List -Black Friday 2017Black Friday 2017 is just around the corner as it falls on 24 of November, so just one more week to go and then a Cyber Monday on 27 of November.

Black Friday 2017 UK

Black Friday shopping tips?

  1. Download BlackFriday App from LatestDeals to track the best money saving deals out there.
  2. Try to get first to the online/offline retailers
  3. Make sure you check prices online when simply googling or on price comparison sites such Idealo or PriceSpy. If you know what you may want to buy on Black Friday check the prices now versus what they will be in the Black Friday week & on that day.
  4. Get Amazon Prime if you want to save on the delivery of many items you may buy on Amazon – if you have a student card called NUS you can get first 6 months of the membership for free and the remaining half a year will be 50% cheaper making it cost only £39.
  5. Card Yard it or cash back it (use TopCashback if their cashback is bigger than the saving made via Card Yard)! Whatever you are going to buy get an extra discount from Card Yard. They offer additional savings in many retailers such as:
  • Argos: Up to 8% off
  • Currys PC World: Up to 2% off
  • Debenhams: Up to 7% off
  • John Lewis: Up to 2% off

      6. If you are a tech lover watch out:

  • Xbox One X has been released so watch out for deals for Xbox One and Xbox S
  • PlayStation & Nintendo are expected to be heavily discounted too (check if you can get it with FIFA18 and Call of Duty as a bundle)
  • Amazon Fire Tablets and Amazon Echo & Echo Dot – check Amazon deals true price prior to Black Friday on CamelCamelCamel
  • Watch out for deals on a variety of kids items such as clothes & toys: Transformers, Disney Card or LEGO.

My shopping list:

I am not a consumptionist and I dislike buying the stuff for the sake of simply having it if there is no purpose to it…a Capricorn thing most likely..But as my hairdryer has broken recently I will check if there are any deals on GHDs as replacing it with Thairapy 365 ThairaDry Hair Dryer – the one which was amazing and just broke will be pretty impossible as they are out of stock in the UK, so I do have to look for another hair dryer 🙁

As my husband birthday is coming up soon I may check some experience gifts/ experience days deals and buy some nice treat for him now so we can enjoy it in March.

I will also look for deals on NEST thermostat ( I know it was sold on Amazon for as low as £109 so anything more expensive than that wont be considered by me as a deal and if it wont be as cheap I will wait to the Boxing Day to see if it gets cheaper by then).

As we recently bought a house I will definitely look for deals on the white goods, so hopefully we will snap a nice bargain on our new fridge, washing machine or fridge. Lets see what 24th of November brings us. I am actually curious 🙂

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