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Lets Help Zosia Stand Up – My Christmas Campaign!

I am an extremely happy person. I can walk, run, swim and more importantly ride my motorcycle. I couldn’t be happier and I am actually reminded of that whenever I meet/hear about people less fortunate than I.

Many of my blogging friends are focusing this year on a noble idea of creating a Reverse Advent Calendar and supporting their local communities. I am afraid this year I wont be able to join them due to supporting my very personal cause. I will be doing my best to help as much as I can my friend’s daughter – Zosia!

This lovely small person I know is called Zosia, as mentioned she is my friend daughter one of of the twin sisters. Zosia will be a year old on 8th of December. So will be her sister Zuzia. Both girls are really, really lovely.

When you look at them you wouldn’t say both sisters are very different as at the first sight they are not at all.

Zosia with her family
Zosia with her family

And yet Zosia was born with a birth defect, occurring in only 1 in 250 000 births, called bilateral fibular hemimelia. Her feet are deformed, so as a result she won’t be able to stand up on her own nor walk when her sister Zuzia will make her first steps…

Zosia and Zuzia - the same yet different twins
Zosia & Zuzia – the same yet different twin sisters ;-(

Zosia’s case is too complicated to be treated anywhere else other than at the Paley Institute in Florida, USA. This is the place with the highest standards of fibular hemimelia treatment with huge expertise and experience. However estimated cost of the operation is extremely high – over $160 000 US dollars/around £120,000 !

This sum must be achieved pretty quickly as Zosia’s legs and feet need to be operated before her 2nd birthdays, so ultimately next year this time she should be on her way to the USA…. She needs our help. Here is how I am hoping to support her cause over the next few months to come:

  1. I calculated my earnings generated through MoneySavingGirl in 2017 and donated all of them to Zosia’s charity account directly.
  2. I am going to cook to raise money for Zosia -this will be an event organised for a person who places the highest bid on my ad and lives in or around London.
    eBay ad for Zosia
    One of my money fundraising ideas for Zosia’s case
  3. I am planning to organise a housewarming party in my new pad with no housewarming presents policy but money collection for Zosia’s charity instead!
  4. I already announced to everyone in my family that this year I DO NOT WANT ANY CHRISTMAS & BIRTHDAY PRESENTS, so if they wanted to buy me something they should support Zosia instead. I have literally everything but she doesn’t and thats why needs my/our help!
  5. I will have a bake off event at work in January 2018 connected with money donation for Zosia’s case.
  6. Finally I would like to offer anyone a quick SEO audit or money saving advice if they donate to Zosia’s charity – feel free to email me about that and we can arrange it in details.
  7. I will be trying to convince as many of you as I only can to help, so If you feel slightly inspired by the above and would want to donate money to Zosia’s charity please head to https://www.siepomaga.pl/en/zosiabiecek and use your card or PayPal to make a donation or simply donate at: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/zosiabiecek

Watch this post over the next few months to see the above documented as I am planning to update the above points by pictures from those events.

Let’s help Zosia stand up on her own, so that she can get a beautiful birthday present and become able to walk following her 2nd birthday. I really hope that next year this time Zosia will be on her way to USA for a life changing operation and that she then will be able to walk, run, swim and who knows maybe one day she will even ride a motorcycle.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for that – whenever I am not cooking, baking or focusing on helping her case of course 😉

#StandUpforZosia #StawiamyZosieNaNogi #MoneySavingGirlSupportsZosia

Zuzia supports Zosia's campaign
Sister support!

More about Zosia: https://www.facebook.com/ZosiaBiecek/ and https://www.instagram.com/zosiabiecek_pl/

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